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  1. I use these 3 on the great-lakes as well as for pike and musky. Clear water flies with a ton of flash, very nice slide and glide action :0)
  2. I live 15 minutes away from the site were this came down and talked with the D.N.R. Closing the locks will be the only way to keep them out. They are already in the big-pond :0( Small numbers at this point. I fish the rivers they are already in both Silvers (they are the jumpers) and Big-Heads (The Big Boys). Silvers are a pain in the chest, been nailed a few times, it gets nuts on some days going to our spots!!! They have over run the Il River and lower Fox!!!!!!! Not Good!
  3. Hi! Glad to have found this great site. Been a pro fisherman on Lake Michigan for just over 10 years. I'm based out of Northpoint Marina Il . Been tying great lake trolling flies for about 15 years now and have just gotten into true fly fishing and tying the last 3 years. Love tying any hybrid fly and work a lot with epoxy :0) Love to fish for Smallmouth and Largemouth along with Pike, Gar and everything else that has fins :0) I work for Gander Mtn. and love to teach with many seminars each year. Thanks for having me. Mike A.
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by MArndt: Gar Getter
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