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  1. Hi Steve, i do have one great video, although it is in french. Here, click on the third circle ''montage d'un streamer en gummi". The guy mentions a bubble that formed in the tail, you want to avoid that. Bait fisherman??? Me? never! Thanks for the link, it was what I was wanting to see, just wish I was fluent in another language so I could get his tips on working with siliskin materials!
  2. Does anyone have a link to a video that shows the tying of a gummy minnow? I've found written instructions all over the internet but all my searching for video demonstrations have come up with nada!! :wallbash: Just want to see how others manipulate this material. Thanks, Steve
  3. If it's still open-I'd like to join, I'll make my fly choice by this weekend. Thanks, Steve
  4. Its been a few years since I've participated in a swap, I've got the time now so if there is stilll room... I'm in with a Matuka. Thanks!
  5. Just wondering if anyone has the pattern recipe for the Rainy's Carp Snack fly? I've seen the pattern for sale at various websites but can't find the pattern recipe to tie some up for myself. Thanks!
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