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  1. Hey, Flyguy - Sounds like you've already got an arsenal together. I've been warmwater panfishing since my Dad tossed BlackGnats at Bluegill in the lakes in middle California when I was a tot. Several a while backs I ran across a fun fly that seems to just plain work. It's called the Mackie Bug. It has endless color options. For a picture go here ... http://ozarkanglers.com/hot_flies.php As you can see you can tie this simple but productive fly in all kinds of variants. I don't know what it is about it but panfish love it. Note - if you include Crappie in your panfish tie the head in pink. For reasons beyond my understanding, Crappie have a "pink thing" going on. I've tied droppers both ways and I can't tell a difference. But it seems to me that a dropper tied on a long tag might be less inclined to interfere with a hook up on the top fly. Just my notion. Lots of luck, enjoy. Dad'sGnat
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