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  1. The parasol part of the fly is just parapost material. you can buy it at most fly shops and online. i know i bought mine from anglers workshop. but i just use 6 strands of the material, fold it over 3x tippet, and then tie a clinch knot. Check your messages. sent a link
  2. Hi guys, Just wanted to know if anyone ties any parasol emergers. I have just began to tie these, and i had a question. i tie all my emergers for these on a heavier hook to make sure they sit below the surface film of the water, but as for the midge versions, it seems that they have a dificult time breaking under the film. i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for weighting them. all the midge emergers i tie are size 20-28. I have tried using lead free wire, but it seems to bulk the fly up a bit to much for my liking. Thanks guys
  3. 90+ days a year fishing for trout plus about 10 or so for other species
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