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  1. Michael & Young usually has some seals fur. Fly Mart Canada is another one you could check out, but most of my supplies come from J Stockard. Usually only a week to my door. Keep the order under $150 and you won't normally get nailed for duty.
  2. Mine showed up today. They all look great. Can't wait to use them. Thanks Rich perry
  3. Amazing work. love the punk rocker look they have. perry
  4. Will get my flies finished up today. Snowed in today. No work and no school for the kids. Orange and black, size 6 weighted. I hope no one minds a duplicate color, I see that Fish-Skeez also did Orange and Black. My first swap, hope they are acceptable. Rich could you pm me your addy and what info is to be put on the tag. Thanks perry
  5. If you have any spots open for new tyers you can count me in. pattern TBA perry
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