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  1. http://www.bearsden.com/product2897.html buy this book
  2. Top pattern is just a craft fur tail with some chartreuse ice dub at the back and picked out then home made eyes tied in. A merkin style body of tan EP then some silli legs just tied in at dumbells and allowed to come over the body. As I'm targeting trigger fish I used a size four owner flyliner, but you could use your own preferred hook. The bottom fly is just a turneffe crab, here's a video
  3. Going to Okinawa next month chasing GTs and triggers..or any other flats things that show themselves
  4. There's tarpon in west Africa, don't know if you'll find any in a populated area though
  5. I actually prefer tape eyes for a lot of patterns
  6. don't try to present upstream like trout. down or across
  7. CHeck out Flycarpin.com for a load of effective patterns.
  8. Yeah, I was quite shocked when my mate sent me the picture, it looks much smaller, but he's taken it from quite far away and above which doesn't help. Also the fish is against my body not held out in front. I'd say it's a similarly proportioned fish to the first of piker's.
  9. it went 15 kg on the scales, photo doesn't really show it well it was a very wide shouldered fish. Caught on a black and purple backstabber
  10. I'll do a SBS next time I'm tying some up. Maybe at the weekend
  11. A couple of weeks a go my friend and I went to Hakone to target the carp in the lakes around Mount Fuji. The results were great! I beat my PB three times finishing up with a 33lb fish as the current personal best carp I've put a write up here http://carpflyjapan.blogspot.jp/
  12. Here's one I've been doing well on over the last year. the back section is foam attached on power pro, Takes on this are incredibly hard for carp
  13. For carp, I go big and bright in winter. This fish is from last week on a one inch magenta/chart glow bug. It was 3 degrees that day. they work for bass too
  14. Sorry, my first post seems quite blunt. It wasn't supposed to. It is a nice pattern.
  15. the bend back is too extreme on these. nice pattern otherwise
  16. I use tonnes of synthetics in my carp flies, but not much flash. I like bright too, I'll be copying this in neon magenta .... and black cause it's tasty biscuits.
  17. that's a bunch of claws for crabs, or some nice pectoral fins on sculpins
  18. DOF can be a nightmare with macro work because you so often have virtually none... best thing is to stop down to f16 or smaller aperture if you can-even if you have to push the ISO up a touch and move away from the subject slightly. This will give you more DOF and if you shoot RAW you;ll still get an acceptable final image after cropping to make the fly fill the frame.
  19. nice tie, never thought of using fox like that
  20. the toads are foam, two sheets glue together to get the stripes then tied in figure of 8 style. Never used them, just saw a video on you tube ages ago and remembered it the other day
  21. Planning a trip for next year, thought I'd get some tying done early
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