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  1. Overwhelmed a little at the price of reals lately and the need for a sophisticated reel escapes my understanding. I always hand line my fish in. the reel just holds the line and looks nice. I'm not sure I could land a fish using Drag on a reel. I bring them in fast and release. I fish for salmon  steel head browns rainbows brookys bass walleye and even recently long nose gar. 40+ years of flyfishing and my rods keep getting lighter and the old reels are heavy. I have Madison encounters battenkill phlugers martins and sage. 3wt rods to 10wt. Balance seems important. My old 70s martin mg3 is the same weight as my newer battenkill 1. I was looking at my battenkill 5/6 disk drag with three spools and cant believe the price on fleabay for these reels.How do you choose your reel to match your rod? What's your favorite reel? I like my battenkill I 3/4 and the encounter isn't a half bad reel either. I choose my reel bu what wt line is on it but as I age it's become apparent there is a sweet spot for each rod I have.


  2. Curious if anyone else has had orvis make a new rod for them instead of just fixing it. So my old zero gravity's tip broke. I liked the rod even though reviews were not real positive. It was a 9' 4wt 3 1/8oz. Now it's a newly made original zero gravity helios but made with stronger materials and is only 2 1/8 oz now. Took it for a little test tonight and it's crazy better then it was. I'm thinking of testing it side by side with the new helios to compare. They said it's a similar taper with stronger materials but has the original reel seat and its not maroon anymore. I'm super happy about it but have no idea what it really is maybe a cross between zg and helios 3 or just the new helios with original zg branding hmmm

  3. I wont be there long at all. Going for work. Im going to try to fish early 4am monday 5pm monday 4am tuesday, maybe tuesday night also. Then I have to go back home. If you have any specific spots I should try let me know road names pools exc would be great. So I can fish at night there? I need to tie some flies this weekend and get ready. The closer to delhi the better. I kind of need two spots one for mornings close to delhi at night I can drive a bit. Im not sure exactly where I staying yet. Its a last minute trip.

  4. Ill wait but couldn't you make up the sets one fly short for everyone including David and when he sends the flies he can get a set.

    You can keep all the clausers and post a pic of them. Sounds like Something is Keeping David thats more important then a carp swap. Dont get me wrong Ill wait as long as everyone else.

  5. I guess it may have been the cadis larva. Its about an inch and a half long black on the top and a greenish black belly. Some one said it probably tried to eat the small midge I was fishing with.


    Stonefly and cadis are very similar from what I can tell from the photo

  6. Well I got skunked yesterday. The rivers and brooks havent gotten stocked yet but I want to get out there. While I was fishing a size 20 midge I thought I caught a leaf or stick. When I went to clean the it off of the hook I found a large stonefly nymph stuck right on the hook. Black with a green belly. I tied on something similar to it and still got nothing. Good thing is at least my midge I was fishing was at the right depth and I brought it home to make some flies to match it.


    Anyone else catch bug before? I cant be the first

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