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  1. 29th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous

    Co-Sponsored by the Gulf Coast and Texas Councils - FFI

    Nov. 3 - 5th, 2017

    Held each year in the first weekend of November at the North Toledo Bend State Park near Zwolle, LA, this will be the 29th Rendezvous (since 1989) of this gathering of fly tyers representing FFI clubs from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and beyond. Experts to beginners, this is the longest running, tyer's event, held by tyers for tyers, in the South.

    With no planned activities (i.e. no pograms), but plenty of fly tying, food, fly casting instruction and fly fishing, and with only a minimal fee to cover lodging and meals, the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous remains one of the top tying events held each year in the U.S.A. See more at: http://pages.suddenlink.net/w/Rendez/indexR.html

    If you have never attended the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous or haven't been in a while, your are hereby invited to attend... Hey, we haven't gathered on the shores of Toledo Bend and thrown this party for 29 years for nothing!!!

    Rendezvous is your chance to sit down and tie flies with some of the very best tyers in the Deep South! No matter if you are a beginner to tying or a master of the craft, you will learn a lot or at least have fun tying with your friends &/or teaching others. We always have a great time!

    This kid friendly, event is appropriate for your whole family... So bring your "significant other", as well as your kids/grandkids!

    If you attend just once, you'll want to come back each year!

    See you there!

  2. Mike, It seems to depend upon where you are in the country..


    Like you I have only very rarely seen a bass hit an adult dragonfly, but my friends in Texas tell me that it is a very "regular occurrence" in the "tanks" (ponds) of central Texas. I have also read that in those tanks, dragonflies, both dragon fly naiads (nymphs) and adults make up a much higher percentage of the diet of a bass than in many other areas of the country.


    These same folks often tie and fish adult dragon flies with success. The very best nymphs and adults that I have ever seen were pattern tied by Mike Huffman (Mike works for Bss Pro) and the late Michael Verduin.


    I will try to take a picture of one of Michael's adult Q T Dragonflies, but in the meantime here is Verduin's West Texas Dragon Fly Nymph:








    This is also a n excellent video on how to "weave" a fly!

  3. Okay ... here's my situation.

    I will be teaching a class in Houston the weeks before and after this event. I am seriously considering attending ... but I can't do many of the prerequisites.

    I will be leaving from a hotel, not from home.

    1) I can't bring a sleeping bag. It would take up too much space and weight in my luggage when I fly out to Houston.

    2) If I leave the hotel for two nights, I will check out of there ... so I might not have towels with me either. I will have my shaving kit, but no towels. (depending on weight, I might be able to pack a towel from home)

    3) It says there's no reservations ... so, how did you pay for cabin space, Add? I don't want to check out of the hotel, drive all the way up there, then find out this is the year it's filled up before I get there.

    4) I'd be leaving Houston after the class finishes on Friday ... no way of knowing when it will finish, but there's a good chance I would arrive late Friday evening. I'll need someone's phone number so they can let me in if I get there after 10:00.

    5) I can't prepare food in the hotel to bring with me. I'll need some info on what I can buy and bring, to do my part.

    Do you guys know anything more about this event, pertaining to my above comments? Or should I contact Walter?


    1. The lodge, shower house, and cabins are all heated... But as I understand your situation, I'll be glad to loan/bring ya' a sleeping bag. Not a problem...

    2. If ya' can't bring a towel, I'll bring ya' one. It will come from my wive's "old towel" stack, but then, so will the one that I bring! Heck, I might even bring ya' a wash cloth! Hey, I'm a nice guy! Ha!

    3. No need for reservations... There will be space.. Never been a problem, and like Ron stated, we all pay Walter (cash or check) upon arriving. By the way, Rendezvous is a gathering of friends that is held as a "break-even" event. No individual, nor any organization, makes any money from this event, and therefore, the cost is minimal... Probably about $50 for two nights room and board! Believe me, the food alone is a bargain at that price!

    4. Walter will have the gate code. Be sure to get it from Walter or from the Park, as it is about a one mile walk, in the dark, from the gate to the lodge, and phone reception at the lodge is not very good!

    5. The lodge has a great commercial kitchen complete with pots, pans, large commercial refrigerator/freezer, ice machine, and stove. So stop along the way at a grocery store and pick up some veggies (as typically we have piles of meats), or grab anything that you like (but not breakfast items, as eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, and usually a number of other items are always in ample supply)... If your food items need to be cooked, you can cook them. Actually, people will be in the kitchen cooking most of the time...

    You are not expected to feed the whole crowd, just a reasonable "cover dish" size. We have never had a single time when everyone didn't go away regretting how much they ate!

    Please "Message" me, and I'll send ya' my contact info. Then we can talk about any of the above.

    Glad you're coming.

    You're gunna' have great time!

    Tight lines,




    There is always hot coffee and a table full of deserts... But if you desire anything else to drink, other than water or iced tea, you will need to bring it.

  4. The Gulf Coast & Texas Councils of the IFFF, annually co-sponsor the "North Toledo Bend Rendezvous". This is the best "hands on" gathering of fly tyers in the South!

    Rendezvous is held the first weekend of November at North Toledo Bend State Park near Zwolle, LA (Nov. 4-6th). This will be the 28th Rendezvous (since 1989) of this gathering of fly tyers representing Federation clubs from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and beyond.

    With no planned activities, but plenty of fly tying, food, fly casting instruction and fly fishing, and with only a minimal fee to cover lodging and meals, the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous remains one of the top tying events held each year in the U.S.A.


    If you have never attended the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous or haven't been in a while, your are hereby invited to attend...

    Hey, we haven't gathered on the shores of Toledo Bend and throwing this party for 28 years for nothing!!!

    Rendezvous is a "hands-on" tying event, and is your chance to sit down and tie flies with some of the very best tyers in the Deep South! No matter if you are a beginner to tying or a master of this craft, you will learn a lot (or at least have fun tying with your friends &/or teaching others). We always have a great time!

    This is a wonderful event that is appropriate for your whole family... So bring your tying buddies, "significant other", as well as your kids/grandkids!

    And No - you do not have to be a member of the IFFF or a club to attend, but if you attend Rendezvous just once, you'll want to come back each year!

    See you there!




    A few of the "regulars" expected include: Ron Braud (i.e. Stipple Popper), Fred Hannie, Marc Pinsel, Bill Heugel, Kyle Moppert, Don Lawler, Mike Jackson, Dirk Burton, Peter Allen, along with a number of other excellent tyers...

  5. The third person in the photo is Don Lawler, an excellent tyer out of Shreveport, LA.. and a good guy...


    The North Toledo Bend Rendezvous or just "Rendezvous" is one of the oldest "pure tying events" the country... It is chance to sit and tie with great tyers, We've been throwing this party for tyers and their families for almost 30 years! Everyone is welcome, and we all eat very, very well..


    You may arrive a stranger, but you will leave with a number of tying friends, and a good deal more knowledge...

  6. For almost 15 years, I have been using Xuron Model FF-1 flat-jawed pliers to de-bard everything from 6/0 stainless to 22's... I've tried a wide variety of pliers and none hold a candle to these Xuron flat-jawed pliers.


    I inherited them from one of the best tyers to ever come out of Texas, Michael Verduin (See: "Cap Spider" on You Tube). He loved these pliers and had used them for a number of years before he passed...


    I know several other tyers who also purchased FF-1's back in the mid-90's and sill use them pliers for de-barbing.


    Serrated pliers and forceps may work, but they lack the control /precision of FF-1's.


    Spend the money and purchase some Xuron's... You'll be singing their praises and using them 20 years...

  7. What size hook is that, in that it is not inverted by the bead chain eyes?


    I'm not looking to cause a problem, but as one who has tyed a whole lot of bead chain streamers over the last 35 years, I would be very surprised if that streamer didn't invert.

    For that fly move through the water column and not to invert, then either that wing has buoyancy, the hook is fairly heavy, or the bean chain is extremely light.


    To be on the safe side, I would tie the eye below the hook shaft...


    Tight lines...

  8. In the last 12 years or so, American Crow populations have been decimated by West Nile Virus. Fish Crows populations do not seem to be as adversely effected..


    The range of the American Crow covers most of the U,S., while the Fish Crow is found more in the south eastern sections of the country.


    If you're gunna' take a crow for feathers, make it a fish crow...





  9. Google: Kanekalon braid or visit beauty supply stores in your area that cater to women who utilize "braids" and you will find abundan supplies of very, very, very inexpensive hair that can be utilized for tying.. Braid hair comes i numbero colors and many, many shades of brown.




    I love bowfining with a fly rod!! We endearingly call them Swamp Muskies!!!These prehistoric beast put up a GREAT fight!!!



    I voted bass for the largemouth because that's what I grew up with, but the bluegills are a close second gotta love em heck I bought a 3wt just to chase em!!!! Gentlemen if you ever get to set the hook on a bowfin (a grinnel in my neck of the woods) you will walk away in awe they are bad to the bone

    Strong fast and aggressive with a mouth full of teeth and now will be forever known to me as "Swamp Muskies" rockon.gif


    BDH I love em all and I think all the rest of these guys do too and we will probably still be visiting this tread in another six years


    BTW I foul hooked a 48" carp right behind the dorsal fin last year on a ultralight spinning rod and let me tell ya it was game on until the 8lb test threw the towel in, I'm pretty sure he could pull a water skier


    Bowfin, grinnel, mudfish, or by what ever you wish to call them... these are the fightin'ist fish in warm water in the USA... They will trash your fly and perhaps your reel and rod... They don't eat good, nor will most of your fishing friends accept it, but a bowfin is king of warmwater fly fishing... IHMO


    Oh, and don't "lip 'em"! HA!



  11. I''m too far, but I really want to go, as it's going to be a great show. Tons of tyers, lots of raffle auction items... including over 60 fly rods!!! They're bringing in the top casting instructors in the country! Truly a MUST GO TO SHOW! If you've never been to a top notch show, this is your opportunity! Don't miss out!

  12. SEC%20fly%20fair.jpgSEFFF-Festival.jpg?format=750w


    The 2014 Southeastern Fly Fishing Festival will be held at The Ramsey Center at Western Carolina University on May 16 - 17, 2014.


    The Festival Committee is in the home stretch on this year's Festival. It will be a fun-filled weekend of programs, presenters and exhibitors. We expect to have at least forty exhibitors and forty tiers in attendance. In addition to numerous (mostly free) presentations and classes, the Cullowhee area offers non-fishing activities for the entire family. Download the Master Festival Schedule here.


    We are pleased have Steve Rajeff (CBOG; MCI) and Leslie Holmes (CBOG; MCI; THCI) headline our talented group of casting instructors. In addition to two days of casting instruction offered by some of the best instructors in the country, you will also be able to take the tests to become a CCI, MCI or THCI. Don't forget to register in advance. If you are taking a casting class, please remember to bring your own rod. Rods are not provided.


    For the first time, our instructors are offering "Casting Tune-Ups". “Casting Tune-Up” is a one-on-one casting analysis 30-minute session with a Master Casting Instructor using recorded video. Friday's session is full. Sign up now for Saturday afternoon!!


    On Friday night, we have once again teamed up with the folks at Little River TU to host the Back the Brookie BBQ. All profits from this event will support brook trout restoration in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Hunter Banks and Highland Brewing Company have generously sponsored the beer for this event.



    Leslie Holmes

    On Saturday night, you won't want to miss our banquet and great auction items. Thanks to Jesse Brown's Outdoors for providing a Yeti Cooler, Sage One rod and a pair of Costa sunglasses for the event.


    The Festival is open to the public. The hours are 9am to 4pm on both Friday and Saturday. Admission is $5 and $10 per day for individuals and families, respectively. Disabled veterans and Scouts in uniform will be admitted free of charge.


    Pre-registration closes on Tuesday, May 13th; however, spots in classes with openings will be for sale onsite. A limited number of BBQ and banquet tickets will also be for sale onsite. Please note that, due to University policy, we are unable to sell drink tickets for the BBQ or the banquet onsite. So, if you are thirsty, please pre-register. Click here for directions to the venue.

    Please join us in Cullowhee for the best fly fishing education event in the Southeast. It will be a weekend to remember. We have currently hotel rooms blocked out as well as cabin rentals. It is not too late to be part of our Festival.


    Please check the website regularly for updates.


    If yoy have any questiolns, please contact: [email protected]


    It's going to be a great show!

  13. 20+ years ago, we used to use tan rubber bands wrapped like Simplejack's to make grubs or crane fly larvae... Called 'em "Rubber Band Nymphs". No other adornment...Just a little lead weight covered with a tan rubber band and a black thread head...


    They worked fairly well in southwestern Arkansas for trout...


    We fished 'em dead slow on the bottom in pools...

  14. I've been attending and tying at FFF conclaves for 30/27 years. For many of those years, at every conclave that Billy Munn also attended, I always spent time either sitting next to or across from the "best deerhair tyer" in the country. If you don't believe me, just look at interviews by Chris Helm, Tim England or other top "hair guys", and you'll see that that they all acknowledge their debt to Billy. You see, he's been tying and teaching hairwork for over 50 years!

    In 2006, at the Southern Council Conclave in Mt. Home, AR, Billy was there, and he had a DVD for sale"Tying Hairbugs with Billy Munn" . I immediately purchased a copy. It is a very well done, professional quality production of Billy tying four hair bugs. As he goes through these bugs, he explains everything that he is doing. The photography and sound quality are top notch. It was the best $25.00 that I've ever spent in tying.


    The producer/videographer is a deerhair tyer, and he and Billy made sure that every detail was covered on this video... It is wonderful!

    Everyone who has every watched Billy Munn work with hair will be thrilled with this DVD. And those of you who have never had the opportunity to watch Mr. Munn, but who wanted to learn to tie hair or "move up" to the next level with your tying are in for a real treat. You will not be disappointed.

    Currently, I don't know where else this DVD is available, but if you are serious about learning to spin or stack deerhair, why not learn from the master of deer hair?


    Kyle M.

  15. Using your vise jaws is problematic, as they will often weaken your hook, due to the pressure at incorrect angles.


    I too have several pairs of smooth jawed pliers that I used (and liked) for many years until I inherited the some tying tools from a great tyer, Micheal Verduin which included a pair of Xuron Model FF-1 pliers.

    You can view Michael's Cap Spider video on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzZekzILGRI

    The Xuron FF-1 cutter/pliers are used to pinch or roll down the barbs on all my hooks - from 24's to 6/0. I've never seen any better tool to do this job, and they never break a hook. If you truly want your flies to be barbless and to pass the Arkansas game warden's "stick that fly in your shirt" test, I highly recommend these pliers. I also use them to flatten mono for weed guards and on my woven shrimp flies.


    I located the Xuron FF-1 cutter/pliers listed as Item #HM322 on Feather-Craft's website: http://www.feather-craft.com/wecs.php?action=display&store=feacraft&target=HM322


    "FF-1 FISHERMAN'S PLIERS by Sport Tools. Use at the bench and on the water. Stainless-steel, Razor-sharp cutters for mono 1-lb to 300-lb test, spring-loaded jaws always open and ready for use. Comfortable non-slip grips are drilled for a lanyard. Precision jaws for pulling line, crimping barbs, mashing split-shot, and hook removal. This is one of the smartest on-stream tools you will ever own. $29.95 "

    Years ago, Micheal extolled the virtues of these pliers, while I listened politely, but now that they are mine, i too will tell ya' that they are indispensable and worth every penny!


    P.S. I don't have any financial or other connection to Feather-Craft or Xuron or any of their distributors...

  16. In the deep south, a.k.a. Louisiana, the local squirrels, both eastern gray and/or fox squirrels, tend to lack much, if any, underfur.


    When making homemade dubbing blends with our local squirrels, there isn't enough underfur to tie the spiky, clipped squirrel hair together. So, we have to add other finer furs to our dubbing blends to hold everything together. Muskrat works very well for that application. For this application, I much prefer to use muskrat or beaver in my budding blends than rabbit...



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