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  1. As far as hook setting goes, I've never seen much difference between down-turned and straight-eyed hooks. However, my experience with small hooks with up-turned eyes is that they do not "hook-set" as consistently as a straight or down-turned eye. I've tyed thousands of weighted nymphs on 9672's, but I like that size for my favorite nymphs. What size "fits" your pattern? There seems to be some debate as to whether streamers should be on down-turned or straight-eyed hooks. All most all the "classic" fresh water streamer patterns are tyed with down-turned eyes, but when you move to the saltwater arena, straight-eyed hooks are all that you'll see... Therefore do ya' follow "tradition", or "set your own path"?
  2. Don't worry about those missing hooks...over the next few months your feet/toes will locate every one of them!
  3. If you were going to fish a "steady flow, springfed, warmwater creek or stream, what would be you're "go-to pattern"?
  4. Without a doubt, it would have to be "Ozark Sportsman". At least that's what I think that call it. It's hosted by a couple of true "good 'ol' boys" i.e. "north Arkansas rednecks" - "Crowbar" and "Jason". They do a great job!! It's the "low-end" of outdoor shows!! These are two "po boys" out having fun.... no big name sponsors.. no "shirts with ad's on them (often just old tee shirts), no "latest and greatest" equipment, no famous guest... although "Larry the Cable Guy" would fit right in! Last year, they did a "fishing" show episode using an old, leaky 12 ft. flatboat (jonboat)... no $30,000 bass boat, no 225 outboard, no electric trolling motor... just two guys paddling around in a pond, with wet feet, catching bass with only one rod apiece... I enjoyed that segment more than all the "big name" shows that I've ever seen. Their sponsors are all local. Even their ad's are a riot!!! It's on the Sportsman's Channel.
  5. I went fly fishing in a private pond, actually an old gravel pit, with my 14 year old son last Sat. This pit is reather deep and has large i.e. 2-3 lb. crappie, i.e. white perch or as their know here in south Louisiana - sacalait. We fished a number of patterns, depths and presentations. However, other than two small bream, i.e. bluegills, we were skunked. Barring live minnows or Powerbait, what would flies, lines, and methods would ya' try in such a situation?
  6. Hang it under a VOSI - vertical oriented strike indicator, and I'm sure it'll work great!
  7. I guess it's like the girl ya' pick up as ya' stumble to the door at closing time... at that point she looks a little blurry but real good... ya' hope....
  8. The North Toledo Bend Rendezvous will be held at North Toledo Bend State Park, outside Zwolle, Louisiana on Nov 4-6. Never been? Well, you’ve missed out! For each fall for over 15 years, a group of fly tyers/fly fishers and their families from several states have met at the Group Camp and Lodge at this beautiful star of the Louisiana Park System. Situated on the shores of Toledo Bend Lake, this facility has a lodge with a stone fireplace on one end and a full commercial kitchen and serving facilities on the other, 5 sleeping dormitories, and a centrally located (clean) bath house with hot showers! Yes, once we found this place, we've made it an annual event for 16 years!!! Rendezvous is an opportunity to spend a full weekend tying with a group of excellent tyers that is unrivaled. Unlike a FFF Conclave, where you sit and watch other tyers “demonstrate” their skills and abilities, this event was designed for tyers to “tie with” their friends and to do “hands-on teaching” of beginners and novice tyers. Who attends? Well, the many of "regular" attendees are well-known FFF Conclave tyers from the Southern and South Eastern Councils of the FFF. Actually, we never know exactly who will turn up, but tying friends from at least four states typically include: Bill Heugal, Barry Dauphin, Jeff Guerin, Tom Landry, Slim Mitchell, John Peterie, Mike Racca, Fred Dupre, Jay Rankin, Al Wilkie, Big Dale Wilkinson, Peter Allen, David Chin, Buster Wolfe, Marc Pinsel, Walt Moskal, and me (Kyle Moppert), plus a bunch of others, including an ever-present group of the Dallas Road Kill Round Table Tyers - and those guys&gals really know how to tie flies!! Tying couples usually include south Louisiana's Rusty and Caroline Dunn and Dallas tyers, Richard and Diane Blair. For many years, Michael Verduin and Tom Nixon were also regulars. If you don't know these names, then let me say that most are invited FFF Conclave tyers and do guest tying at FFF clubs throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. What do we tie? Racca and I will be weaving shrimp, spoon flies, and working on various incarnations of frogs and Blados Crease Flies; Heugal and Rankin will be making bugs that are so beautiful that you won’t want to risk losing them by actually tossing it near a fish! If Little Missouri River guide, Jeff Guerin shows, he’ll teach you to tie his effective mudbug and other Little Mo’ patterns; Pinsel will be “messing” with wool – so sock up before ya’ come; Fred Dupre consistently shows up with a neat/proven bass pattern that ya’ never saw before; Big Dale will always blow ya’ away with his wonderful stories and with Blondes, psychedelic bugs, and other “cool” stuff. These and anything and everything else that ya’ ever wanted to wanted to have the chance to tie can be tied by somebody there. If the weather’s good, we’ll be fishing on the lake and doing casting on the lawn, ‘cuz ya’ never know who’ll show up with a new “sweet little stick”. If the weather’s little chilly or wet, we’ll stoke up the big stone fireplace in the lodge and just tie more flies… saltwater, warm water, nymphs and drys. It’s a chance to just sit and tie with feathers, furs, deerhair, epoxies, cements, threads, the latest synthetics, techniques, or to discuss waders, watercraft, rods, reels, rivers or other fly fishing stuff. If you want to sit down and “tie with” a bunch of excellent tyers, then come on down and join us. You don't have to be a "great tyer" or even a "good" tyer. This event is where many beginners, including several of the aforementioned, have learned to tie, and we've all honed our skills. Just remember that event was founded by tyers for tyers and that the primary Rule of Rendezvous is, “There are no rules at Rendezvous”, which means that there are no programs, no set schedules, no responsibilities, or timetables… You don’t even have to tie a fly! You can just settle in on one the large wooden rockers in front of the big fireplace and read a book; or grab a rocker out on the Lodge’s large front porch, with a big stogie and/or your favorite “adult beverage” and enjoy the company of friends; or you can be one of the hard core crew that "ties all night".... You can come alone, or you can bring your family. As there is no traffic, no t.v., no video games, or other electronic gear, the kids tend to play games, chase balls, run through the woods or over to the park’s playground, fish and play down by the lake (it’s shallow along the lake), tie flies, and "flow thru"… you know like kids are supposed to do. Therefore, the kids have fun and Mom gets a break. Actually, the ladies have a good time. The non-tying wives and children are an integral part of this gathering. It wouldn’t be the same without them! So, for nice relaxed weekend in the big pines on the shores of the lake, then meet us there. While I realize that it may be too far for many of y'all to make it, others of you are within the distance that we in south Louisiana travel up to Southern Council Conclave or Sowbug. Basically, even with gas being what it is, it is still an inexpensive and fun weekend! J How inexpensive? Well how about... $20 per individual or $30 per couple or family, plus bring your own bedding, towels, drinks and at least one "cover dish" type entree... That cover's all your meals, desserts, coffee, ice, and lodging from when you arrive on Friday until we head out at about noon on Sunday! You don't even have to pay to enter the park or launch a boat! Oh, and come hungry, as the food alone is more than worth the trip! Piping hot Dutch oven cobblers, chili’s, briskets, Pinsel’s Famous Spaghetti, and lot and lots and lots of other good stuff!!! Check out Walter Mc Lendon's Rendezvous article and map at the Piney Woods Fly Fishers' site: home.sprynet.com/~waltermc/ Let this be the year the you and your family decides to give Rendezvous a try. If you ever make it once - I bet that you, and your entire family, will become regulars at Rendezvous. See ya’ there, Kyle Moppert a.k.a. Bowfin47
  9. Several years ago down in East Texas, there were a couple of fly fishers that noticed that each day as the local lakeside golf course cut the grass, some of the clipping ended in the lake. This morning event was quickly followed by a white amur feeding event. So, these fly fshermen went home and spun green deerhair on bass hooks. They didn't trim these "green hairballs" but rather just left them very rough. The next morning, after grabbing a bag of St. Augustine grass cuttings that had been saved from the cutting of their own yard, they headed back to the lake. After anchoring off the golf course, they proceeded to "chum" with the grass. When the white amur appeared, they tossed in their green hairball flies... and had a ball!! Just be careful, these fish can get very large, and they have been known to jump directly into fisherman who was attempting to land the amur! Getting hit in the chest by a 20-30 lb. piscatorial rocket can be very damaging to one's heath!
  10. Johan, I always love the innovative cross-utilization of various household items and tools by fly tyers, but I have never seen anyone utilize a (Broan?) electric toothbush at the tying bench like was shown in tying your sowbug! Great idea!!
  11. The "Featured Tyer, John Peterie, is a long time member of the "Road Kill Round Table" - a group of excellent tyers from the Dalls, TX area. He's a good guy and is a regular tyer at the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous, http://home.sprynet.com/~waltermc/ Rendezvous is a gathering of fly tyers that occurs at Louisiana's North Toledo Bend State Park (on the bord of Texas and Louisiana) each fall. We've been holding Rendezvous for about 16 years. It was at Rendezvous where over the years, John spent many weekends tying with another of our "regulars", Tom Nixon. Next November, if you can make it to Rendezvous, you'll be more than welcomed by this group of tyers. Don't worry about your skill level, as we "accept" all - from beginners to master tyers. KM
  12. Hey Al, While I check out this site every day (one of my favorites), I'm one of the guys that "hangs in the shaddows" and only occassionally post. I'm the State Medical Entomologist in Louisiana... primarily dealing with mosquitoes and disease transmission, i.e. West Nile, EEE, and SLE. I've been tying at FFF Conclaves for almost 20 years. Have 4 kids (5 - 14 yr.s old) - 3 of which fly fish. KM
  13. Without a doubt, the three most popular bream patterns in south Louisiana are: 1. Michael Verduin's Cap Spider, http://laflyfish.com/flies/cap-spider.php 2. Randy Leonnpacker's Jitterbee, http://www.laflyfish.com/flies/jitterbee.php 3. Various Fluff Butt patterns, http://www.laflyfish.com/flies/flylist.php However, I personally prefer a #10 clouser style fly made with bead chain or mini-dumb bell eyes and a wing of gold Lureflash or Tiewell Sparkle Flash. These are the Mylars made with the tiny nylon threads or "hairs" distributed throughout the Mylar (Waspi makes a knock off called Polar Flash) These "hairs" cause the wing to splay-out and travel through the water like an undulating wing or "mini spoon", rather than in a thin line, like Flashabou or other Mylar’s tends to do. However, no matter which patterns that you decide to try, be sure to bring a few small VOSI's (Vertical Oriented Strike Indicators), http://www.laflyfish.com/flies/vosi.php , to aid in having your pattern travel horizontally through the water. Wheither you like to fish VOSI's or not, if you use them, you WILL catch more bream and white perch, or sacalait as they're known in this part of the world. Kyle M.
  14. Instead of using burnt mono, place a small glass bead (i.e. seed beads) on your mono and then coat it with a little epoxy. You'll have small colored eyes that shine or glint. For a more pronounced effect, you can also make eyes with two beads, a black and then the color that you want.
  15. Gilly, I'm not an attorney. So, take this for what it's worth. While duck hunting several years ago, I "legally" harvested a coot. I skinned the bird and cleaned the skin. The feathers of this bird are very similar to those of a young blue-earred pheasant or those of of young blue heron.... very cool for small speys and wets!! I was going to harvest several more coot skins for some tying friends. However, in conversing with the owner of a salmon fly materials shop, I was informed that as the original licensed hunter, I could possess and utilize these coot feathers, but it was illegal for me to give or sell ANY coot parts (i.e. feathers) or flies tied with these coot feathers to anyone! You see, Federal law allows the "original licensed hunter" who harvest migratory game birds during a legal hunting season to possess/sell legally obtained feathers of "web-footed" species, i.e. ducks, but it is ILLEGAL for the "orignal licensed hunter" to distribute or sell feathers from migratory game birds that do NOT have webbed feet, i.e. coots or sand hill cranes. The original licensed hunter may possess those feathers from migratory game birds that do not have webbed feet, but he can not sell or otherwise distribute any of the feathers! This law pertains even if the original licensed hunter has legally harvested those migratory game birds during a legal hunting season. Therefore, since your sand hill crane was a "road kill", I would assume that is it is illegal for you to possess or distribute any part, i.e. feathers. In addition, if you gave/sold a single feather or fly tied with a feather from that sand hill crane to anyone else, that person would also be in violation of Federal law. I'd "toss" those feathers - quickly! (P.S. I still don't like that "BAIT FISHERMAN label!!) Just my 2 cents.
  16. About 16 years ago, several Federators from Louisiana and Texas were fishing and “conclaving” together in early October at the Federation of Fly Fisher’s' Southern Council Conclave in Mt. Home, Arkansas. While there, we realized that it was ridiculous for such good friends to only gather once a year in northern Arkansas, when we all lived “relatively close” to each other in Louisiana and Texas. So, we agreed to meet at a “central point” several weeks later. The site agreed to was the North Toledo Bend State Park outside of Zwolle, Louisiana. Early that November, members of three FFF clubs: The North Louisiana Fly Fishers (Shreveport, LA), The Piney Woods Fly Fishers (Lufkin, TX) and the Acadiana Fly Rodders (Lafayette, LA), all met on the shores of Toledo Bend Reservoir. Some of us rented cabins, some camped, and several brought travel trailers. There were several wives and even a girlfriend or two in tow. (Yes - as I said, this was a while back!) We tied flies, cast rods, played in boats, and even caught a few fish… Yeah, we had a great time!! We had such a good time that we decided to make it an annual affair. While “exploring” this Louisiana State Park, we found that it had a "Group Facility" with a lodge (complete with a great stone fireplace), with a commercial kitchen, 5 bunkhouses, and a central bath/shower facility that could be rented at a very reasonable cost. So, we made reservations for a weekend that next fall. We decided to call this event “Rendezvous”, and members of Federation clubs from throughout the mid-South (TX. LA, OK, AR, MO, TN and MS) have been attending this fall gathering for fly tyers and fly fishers for all these years. The event has become a Mecca for fly tyers (and would be fly tyers, as this is the very best venue in the country to learn to tie from a host of excellent tyers!) from throughout the mid-South. I know that a number of members of this Forum have a great deal of respect for the late Tom Nixon. Well, Tom was as regular tyer at the Rendezvous’ as was another recently deceased great warmwater specialist/tyer/Co-founder of the Road Kill Roundtable, Michael Verduin (For those of you who did not have the privilege of knowing Michael, "Goggle" Michael Verduin and check out some of his patterns). How would ya' have like to spend the weekend tying with Tom Nixon or Michael Verduin? Well, for many years you could have! Rendezvous is an inexpensive, relaxed weekend of tying and fly fishing, with kids and families in mind. It is a place where you can spend two full days tying flies with excellent tyers, or just relax and wet a line – when, and if ya’ want to…. No scheduled events, no fund raising, no awards, i.e. no pressure - just good friends tying and having a relaxed time. A few years ago, a number of the “Rendezvousers”, decided to have a second gathering in the spring of the year, and the “Spring Rendezvous” was founded. This year our the Third Annual Spring Rendezvous will be hosted by the Ouachita Fly Fishers on Friday evening April 15th through Sunday the 17th in Lake D'Arbonne State Park. D’Arbonne State Park is located near Farmerville in north-central Louisiana. The lake is full of large bass, bream, and crappie. With a little luck the 1 lb.+ chinquapins (red-eared sunfish) will be spawning, and if that's the case... we'll have a ball with our 3 & 4 wt.s!! It’s a great weekend, where a number of fly tyers and their families will be tying and fishing. If you can make it down, or up - as the case may be, you’re welcome to attend! Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone, because if you ever attend any S.E.C. or SOC Conclaves, then I’m sure that you’ll recognizes some of us, as many of the invited tyers at both the S.E.C. and SOC Conclaves are regulars at "Rendezvous". Two websites that have information on next month’s the Third Annual Spring Rendezvous are: http://home.sprynet.com/~waltermc/ (scroll down and then click on Spring Rendezvous) http://orff.squarespace.com/rendezvous/ The Fall Rendezvous site web site is: http://home.sprynet.com/~waltermc/Rendez/indexR.html Hope to see ya’ there. Tight lines, Bowfin47 (a.k.a. Kyle Moppert)
  17. A few years back, I heard of a lake with a golf course in Texas where grass carp had been stocked. Each day when the course employees cut the grass, some of the grass would land in the lake. In short order the grass carp would arrive and begin to feed. So, a few interprising fly fishers spun some bright green deer hair onto rather stout hooks, just like they were making deer hair bass bugs, but they did NOT trim the hair. These good ol' boy's then grabbed a bag of lawn clippings and headed to the lake. Once there, they began to "chum" with the grass clippings. When the grass carp, began to feed, the fly fishermen, gently cast out the green deer hair flies and let them lay motionless in the chum line....Until... It works! Just use a heavy rod, 'cuz those carp have big shoulders!
  18. Sorry, I didn't go through all three pages to the end or I would have seen that the swap was already closed. Well, maybe next time. I'll just keep lurking about in the shaddows, until I see another swap that strikes my fancy. Thanks anyway, Bowfin47 PS Why are y'all insulting me by profiling me as a "Baitfisherman"? How do I change that??
  19. I've never posted here before, but I've been tying for 20 years. I've never tried a swap, but I have what may be the world's greatest frog pattern - foam, weedless, "bug-eyed" and sits low in the water with "kicker" legs. It's time that some others got a chance to see my pattern. So, if it's not too late, I'm in! Bowfin47
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