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  1. take a foto of the card for the chadwick yarn and take it to your local big box craft store yarn department and try to match it up. http://troutunderground.com/2006/11/09/the...-you-cant-have/ Great idea, thanks.
  2. Has anyone come with a close substitute for the Chadwick 477 yarn Frank Sawyer used for his KIller Bug? There is a company in the UK, Veniard, that makes an alternative but its not distrubuted in the USA according to them. Thanks Dano
  3. Thanks Mark, I have some standard wets I will try in this one. Thanks for the tip. Dan
  4. Bugsy, But what would I do with the 50 or so Altoid cans I already have? Soft hackle, Excellent. I actually have one of those a friend gave to me. Any problem with them blowing away or falling out when you open those fleece lined things? Dano
  5. Bounty Hunter Its a nymph box. Its the one with the leaf in the middle. Has the little v cutouts in the front of the foam with a slit. I may just not be using it right. The drys, nymphs, midges and other sundry of flies I have just slid the hook in the slot with no problem. On spiders, flymps and soft hackled flys it skewers the hackle every which way. Dano
  6. I recently broke down and bought a C and F Design box and I certainly like it. But I don't like the way the slit foam holds soft hackles, it seems to crush the hackles. Anybody using C and F for their SH's if not what is a viable way? Thanks everybody. Dano
  7. I have the Kodak Z760 and have been happy with it...Dano
  8. Good find Flytire. I bet those would also work for beads and eyes...Dano
  9. Over a year ago a friend of mine, Ron Griffith who fishes and lives along the Norfork River in Arkansas, gave me a handful of what he was calling a Disco Bugger. They were tied in black, purple and olive from Walmart Store Disco Yarn. They were tied using the yarn for the entire fly and let me tell you they caught the heck out of the fish on the White and Norfork systems here in Arkansas. I just wanted to thank Ron for his innovative thinking of suggesting this material to me a long time ago and for probably being the first to tie up the Disco Bugger....Dano
  10. Those Plano boxes would be deeper to hold more for sure.
  11. Exellent and I am sure there is a VERY special story associated with that. Thanks...Dano
  12. I keep my size 14, 16, and 18 soft hackles, flymphs and wets in a plastic compartment box. I don't like to crush the hackles in a foam fly box, etc. But I am not able to carry as many as I want in the plastic boxes. How do you do it..what is your method for SH's....Dano
  13. To me this is the quickest. Scroll down to image resizer, download the small Microsoft tool on the right..picture resizer. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloa...ppowertoys.mspx takes seconds to use. Dano
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