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  1. Great, sorry again for the delay. I thought they were going to arrive much quicker.
  2. I sent a PM, just wondering if it was received. I've got all my flies, the address, and the postage sitting here ready to go. Can I still send them? Please PM me your answer! Thanks, and sorry again for the delay -CF
  3. I sent my PM out a few minutes ago. I apologize for the delay folks, as I was out of town. My flies will be in the mail tomorrow. Again, my apologies for my tardiness. I look forward to seeing all of the different flies. -CF
  4. Apologize for my tardiness, will be getting them in the mail ASAP. Can you please send me the address? Hopefully I can get them in tomorrow before the PO closes. If not, they should get mailed out on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing all the flies! -CF
  5. FBN, I got your PM, and I apologize for the late response. I have been very busy with work. I'm ready to rock and roll, you can go ahead and send me your address. -CF
  6. I've hit a few on small clouser minnows. Then again, the ice is long gone down here... Good luck! -CF
  7. Number 2 looks really good! Keep it up! -CF
  8. If you've got a digital camera, chances are it has a macro setting. Macro settings basically take an upclose and personal picture and blur the background. Unfortunately, it can be a lot easier said than done to find your macro setting. Google search your camera and try and figure our how to access it, or check your manual. If you don't have a macro setting, then I don't know what to tell you... Good Luck! -CF
  9. Sick tie. :headbang: And you trimmed it darn near perfectly, it almost looks too good!! -CF
  10. Can't claim to be an expert on steelhead, but those eggs sure do look delicious... Shame that I can't fry 'em up for a late night snack! -CF
  11. To begin with, great tie! Secondly, what material is the back/wing casing? -CF
  12. Looks to be quite the good deal to me, congrats! -CF
  13. Happy birthday, and thanks for all of your work on this forum. -CF
  14. As others have said, I found it really helpful (and by no means am I claiming to be an expert) to take classes, and to focus primarily on only a certain few patterns. I took a 3 day course at my local community college for only $30! Fly tying resources are everywhere! Talk with the gentlemen at your local flyshop, they will help to point you in the right direction. Good luck, and tight threads! -CF
  15. I'm looking forward to trying this fly of yours. So it works pretty well for largemouth? Is it heavily weighted for winter bass or can you pull it across the beds and beat the banks with it during spring? Mine are about to get tied up either this weekend or next weekend, lookin' forward to shippin' 'em out! -CF
  16. Wow, sweet ties, y'all. Smallie fishing is a heck of a lot of fun and y'all are driving me nuts with this talk of Kentucky. Unfortunately, I fish primarily the South Fork of the New, and we don't have too many large-sized smallies. I'm doing my research and trying to find some good smallie water not too far from the Boone area. Tight threads guys, and sweet craws! -CF
  17. Well... I've only got my 5 weight with me at this point, so I guess I'll try and hit em with that. I also don't have too heavy of a reel with a lot of backing for me to let them run, so I don't know how this is gonna work. They've been rooting around a lot, so I think I'm gonna tie it on somewhat thick and throw a leech at em. If they come up to the surface, I'll switch to a mulberry. Thanks for the info guys! CF
  18. Howdy folks, I've never specifically targeted carp, but on several recent spin fishing trips, I have seen pretty large carp feeding in a local pond. I am wondering if anyone can help me out in terms of which gear setup, in terms of flies, leader, tippet, etc. I've heard about egg flies working, but that's about it. Do you think I can get by with my 5/6 wt. rod (I might also have a 7 laying around) or should I use my thicker saltwater rod? And what type of leader/tippet should go on there to prevent snap offs? Thanks for the help fellas, tight lines -CF EDIT: I figured it would help for y'all to know that while there are some HUGE looking carp that sometimes are seen making a guest appearance here, I would primarily be sight casting to what appear to be about 5 or so pound carp.
  19. Just got some materials from J Stockard the other day, so hopefully I'll be whippin' em up soon. Can't decide if I want to change hook size or not though... -CF
  20. Got my stuff today, and it looks good! I haven't had the opportunity to try out everything yet, but it all looks like it will serve me well. Tight threads -CF
  21. Thanks, guys. I just need to be patient... I just really want to get these materials so I can get to tying!! :headbang: It would probably be a good idea for me to order them earlier in the week though. Thanks for the info though, fellas. Tight threads -CF
  22. I placed my order @ 2pm on Friday, and it says that my order is still processing. I am really anxious to get this stuff... Anyone ordered from them before and know how long it might take? It says they're in CT, and I'm in NC so I don't think shipping would be a big deal. Just wondering how long it might've taken for y'all to get stuff from 'em if you've used 'em before. -CF
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