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  1. Sad thing is the law vise could be purchased for 450$ back when he was making them.
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    Tried that, weeks ago. It was worth asking.
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    Anyone know the admin at flyanglersonline? I have had an account there for years but got locked out recently and it now does not recognize my email. Any help would be appreciated. pete
  4. Luckily i only needed some 3n1 oil. No new o rings or springs. Its complicated but simple at its most basic level.
  5. Send the webmaster a note, he will tell you whats still available.
  6. His site is up, but dont expect immediate response. His webmaster runs the show. I believe there is still product available but no idea of quantities. I have two bags i bought from Jack years ago but I won’t part with them.
  7. Its funny but today i had to break down my Norvise to its basic parts and oil up the bearings. It was very sluggish. Spins much better now.
  8. More foam flies, having fun. Anytime at the vise is good. Love seeing the great work you all do.
  9. You might want to do more colors , some people tie with multiple thread sizes.
  10. Another big gurgler 1/0 mustad 34011 6mm black craft foam white bucktail black/blue squimpish hair darice clear fringe type chenille White saddle 210 danville flymaster plus. that foam is really stiff. Broke thread off 2x lashing it to the hook. Should float really well.
  11. Yes they are I bought a bunch of these when the sports shop on mass ave in cambridge went out of business.
  12. I use the ez mini hook. Holds great. Cheap too.
  13. Gurgler tied with squimpish hair and foam from Mr Gartside himself.
  14. Gurgler tied with yellow schlappen and squimpish hair, so soft it should flow nicely.
  15. Someone had plastic spools for the norvise bobbin but i cant recall which shop had them or who even made them.
  16. Jack Gartside made his GSS (Gartside secret stuff) Minnow with about 7 or 8 turns of thread start to finish. Probably less than 3” per fly.
  17. My mother once found the frozen pipe in her house in maine when it let go while she was standing below it. I had to chuckle a bit, but frozen pipes are no fun. Although seeing my mother soaked with frozen pipe water was quite funny at that time.
  18. X caddis smallest dry hook i had (sz 10) might be first dry i’ve attempted in about 20 years.
  19. The Gartside Gurgler normally tied on mustad 34011 sizes 4 - 4/0 thread Danville flymaster plus 210 tail green bucktail Flash Pearl Web radioactive green (flytyersdungeon) chartreuse strung hackle body 2mm green craft foam Back flash H2O Pearl Baitfish Green (flytyersdungeon).
  20. Yours look better than my attempts Nice work
  21. Welcome to the addiction that is fly tying. Also remember that not every fly needs to be tied on fly specific hooks. I get eagle claw hooks in the round blue containers that work great for buggers, nymphs and panfish flies. best of luck and remember everyone here started where you are and we are always willing to offer advice. Enjoy and remember perfect flies catch fisherman not fish.
  22. Mcflyangler inspired bluegill spiders. Luckily i have plenty of rubber legs on hand. Quick ties and should be a lot of fun for spring panfish.
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