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  1. I keep tying the Bronze Goddess.

    Nice looking flies, Chia.

    I tied a few of these up awhile back and didn't like the way the chenille looked wrapped around the eyes. So I tried using some Ice Dubbing and wrapping that around the eyes. It seemed to look better to me, but either way they will still fish.

  2. I have only tried tying with deerhair a couple times, so today i decided to give it a serious try to hone my skills. Definitely something i have to do more of. Go easy on me guys smile.png




    Gamakatsu F314 #4

    Roedeer hair (i belive)

    Brown foam for ears and 4mm eyes (both glued on)


    Papa, that mouse will definitely work! I don't even bother putting eyes or ears on mine and they still catch fish!



    Thanks! Blue has been a good prince nymph color for me lately. This is a little more stoneflyish, which are usually good winteritme here

    I think those might catch some steelhead out of the Lake Erie tribs.

    Don't ya know that's exactly where I'm gonna drift them!



    Good luck when you go. Maybe one of these days we'll get some water in the rivers up there!

  4. Playing with some ideas. Lots of grass hoppers, katydids, crickets and spiders have very long legs. So, I tied this one up with a lot of leg.



    And I am still trying different sunfish color variations, trying to find something that will get big hits in my waters.


    Maybe try this one out for a sunfish fly. I tied up a few but really haven't fished them much.


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