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  1. BambooGuide: At the very top of the page is a link for the Rod Building Forum maybe someone on there could answer your question . Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  2. breambuster, here's a crawdad that I use. I started putting bead chain on the top of the hook shank, but you could also use small hour glass lead eyes. www.photobucket.com/albums/p230/flytyer56/
  3. Yes I have to agree Stockard has the fastest service. Every time I order from them the order is either shipped the same day I order or the veery next day. A great place to buy from. Oh yeh and there prices are right to!
  4. bass I have to agree with Dave. That looks pretty darn good to me. Good Job! Let the feeshes be the judge.
  5. Awsume looking flies! They look like they should catch some fish. Great job.
  6. Don I picked up my blades at Jann's Netcraft in Maumee, Ohio www.jannsnetcraft.com Check out J Stockards the sponser on here they may have them also. I'll try that swivel between the leader and tippet. Thanks
  7. Nice!!! I tied some of those earlier this year, but when I used them they twisted my tippet something feirce. Anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent that from happening?
  8. Very nice looking for your first flies. Great job! Now you need to go catch some fish.
  9. Will, I mailed mine out to you last Thursday. Figured I would give it a try this year.
  10. I mailed out a couple flies for the contest myself on Thursday this week. I just thought I would give it a try for something to do since all the rivers are to high to fish for steelhead right now.
  11. I keep all the patterns I use in a three notebook like the kids use in school. I just go thru it when it gets to full and look for the stuff I'm not using and get rid of it. Use the deviders to seperate dries, nymphs streamers whatever. Kind of keeps it neat and more organized. Everything in one place.
  12. When I make a wooley bugger I tie in a peice of thin copper wire at the tail for a rib. I wrap my hackle like you did (front to back) then at the tail I take 2 tight wraps with the wire to tie down the hackle, and counter wrap the wire (oppisite way you wrapped the hackle) back to the front and tie in the wire and make a neat head then whip finish. I haven't had any come apart on me yet. The wire helps protect the hackle stem from being cut but the fishes teeth.
  13. I use a product called Craft Bond made by Elmers glue. It's an acid free multi-purpose spray adhesive. Just spray it on the back of the feather and let it dry for at least 1 hour before using the feather. it seems to work alright for me. I got mine at wal-mart in the craft dept.
  14. Just my opinion. Personaly I beleive most, not all, but most of the feathers and hides are from pen raised animals. I just don't see how they could get enough of certain items any other way. That is just my $.02 worth.
  15. Oh man, those are some really neat pictures! I wish I had a place where I could go to catch some of those brookies, they are a beautiful fish aren't they? :punk:
  16. I used the key board slide and turned it into a drawer so I could store more goodies. I have one of those bags that mounts to the shaft on my vice for trash.
  17. When I fished large rubber crawdads on my spinning rod, I would always rip one of the claws off. The bass would hit them quicker that way because there was less chance of getting pinched when they ate it. You might try tying a craw with only one pincher.
  18. I have to agree with the others. J Stockard, very fast service and they are cheaper then Cabelas on alot of stuff. Then my second choice would be, Netcraft in Maumee, Ohio (www.jannsnetcraft.com) I would give J Stockard a try, I have been happy every time I order from them.
  19. Moxie, yes the best thing to do is figure out what patterns you will be tying and buy accordingly. There is so much stuff out there it's like beating your head against a wall :wallbash: trying to figure it all out! Also just because a recipe calls for a pink feather from a guchy guchy bird, you can always substitute, I do it all the time. It doesn't matter what you have, you won't have what that one pattern calls for. :rockon:
  20. Terry, that's a neat looking fly! Take it for a swim and let the fish have a look see. Just keep tying and trying and you 'll gain more confidence, and just ignore that knuckle head in town, he probably cann't make crap any how! Good job keep it up. :coffee:
  21. Check out "www.buckeyeflyfishers.com" schroll down the left side of the page to fly tying, go to pheasant tail nymph and click on that. Bob shows a different way to get bulk on the wing case with-out adding a bunch of extra fibers for the legs. As far as messing up the legs when you whip finish, I hold the legs back with my left hand while I whip finish it. It's awkward at first but just stick with it, it will come!
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