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  1. I was asked to post the recipe for the Emerald caddis that I posted earlier.

    So I'll post it here.

    I found this fly in the book "Tying and Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs" By Allen McGee on pg 43.


    Hook: sz 14 mustad 3906 B

    Thread: Olive 70 deneir

    Abdomen: Cream rabbit fur lightly dubbed so it stays buggy

    Rib: Copper wire

    Thorax: Peacock herl twisted around the tying thread to strengthen it, then wrapped around the hook

    Hackle: 2 wraps of Hungarian Partridge


    You can also add some lead around hook if you want. I put 6 wraps of .015 lead free wire on these.



  2. Thanks for all of the tips. I know how to spin and pack deer hair and was wondering how you get the different colors on top of each other like the highlighted sections below. and where the arrows are.


    FlyTyer15, I don't do a lot of deer hair, but have done some. To answer your question, they stack the deer hair to get the different colors on top of each other. You put the hair where you want it and tie it in, DO NOT let it spin! Hold it tight and tie it in where you want it.

    Here's a you tube video on how to tie the Punk Rocker by Bruce Derington check it out.

  3. Hi, I have watched some videos and when I tie I try to use no more thread than I need and not crowd the eye yet when I am finishing thew head I end up with a glob of thread what am I doing wrong.


    I watched a video a while back, where the guy said to start your thread about a hook eyes length behind the eye. Then while you tie your fly "do not go past those first thread wraps" until you are ready to tie off and finish your fly. It works for me. No more crowding the eye.

    As far as legs go on your nymphs? They will fish just fine with out them, how ever they do look better with them. The legs will also slow the fall of the fly in the water. Something else to think about if you need to get it really deep.

  4. Here's my offering for the nymph swap


    Hook: dai-riki #710 size 6

    Thread: Danville 210 brown

    Tail: light olive goose boot

    body: copper brown antron yarn

    ribbing: light olive flexi floss

    Dubbing: antron golden stone

    Carapace: tan razor foam

    Legs: golden yellow crazy legs




    Nice looking golden stone fly Travis.

    Where do you get the light olive goose boot at? LOL!

    HAHA I missed that! BIOT, not BOOT. Nice catch!

    LOL! Yes I knew what you meant, but had to laugh. Thanks for the offer on the biots, but I have plenty.

  5. Wow. Thanks. I never thought about stone flies. how well does the pt nymph work?


    Pheasant tails are a staple in most fly boxes. It's been around for a lot years and still works great!

    I have several different sizes and colors in my box and use it every time I'm after trout. Most of the time it works, not always but often enough I wouldn't go after trout without them!

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