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  1. You could try leaving your thread tag long when you first tie it in. Wrap your thread to the back of the shank, tie in the tail, body material and your hackle. Wrap the body, tie off and clip the excess. Tie in your flash and pull it down each side then use the tag end of your thread to secure it and then spiral wrap the tag end to the front of the fly making sure your flash is where you want it to be. Tie it off and wrap your hackle feather over the thread wraps to hide them. I hope that makes sense to you.

    Let us know if that works for you.

  2. Nathan, Welcome FTF.

    I'm not sure about the video you're looking for. I did some searching for reverse hackle wings and found this. They call these Wonder wings.


    Is this the style of wing you are referring to? If it is you could just put a thin dubbed body on the hook, then add your legs

    and the reverse hackle wing over top.

  3. You can post them from your computer too. Just save them on your computer then when you make your post, go to the bottom where it says "Attach Files". Click browse and find your picture and just do what it says and it will post your picture. It will show a code in the box in attach file, then just click Add Reply


    Just like this.




  4. Martin, something I use for the front of the hook is bead chain. You can find it on old style lamps (the pull chain). You can also pick it up at hardware stores or craft stores pretty cheap. I use it a lot because it adds a little weight but not enough to sink your fly like a rock to the bottom. You can also get cooper wire for ribbing out of old electric cords. Just peel off the outside insulation.

  5. When I tie for a swap, I just do the best I can. My flies aren't all perfect, but then I'm not selling my flies either so they don't have to be. I tie flies that catch fish and that they do. The more flies you tie the better they look but, all they ultimately have to do is convince that fish to eat it.

    When I first started tying, my flies were pretty scary looking. Today they look alot better.

    Just keep at it, and when things aren't going good quit for awhile and try again later. I do it all the time. Some times I'll sit down and knock out a dozen and the next time I'll quit after 2 or 3.


    IMHO, the idea that one can bring home such bugs in packaged materials from the shops is unfounded. I base my opinion solely on the fact that the value of the inventory from the original processor all the way to the local retail store is too great for anyone in the chain to risk having their inventory infested.


    Most of the time what you said is true. But a couple years ago I ordered some mallard flank feathers from a well known supplier. A couple weeks later I get one of the bags out to use it and see little worms crawling in the bag, look at the second bag same thing.

    So I call the place I bought them from and they say no problem well send you two new bags. He says let me make sure we have them in stock. A couple minutes later he comes back on the phone and says we have to get more we're out right now. I think they just got a bad batch. They replaced them when the new ones came in without bugs.

    So it can happen, but not very often thank goodness.

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