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  1. Glad to hear you bought a Nor-Vise. I've had mine about 5 years now and just love it. I didn't do any mods. to mine because I like it just as it is. I've kicked the idea around about buying the smaller jaws, but really don't need them as I don't tie anything smaller smaller than a size 20 and can get by with the standard jaws.

    Let us know if you do any of the mods. you're talking about and how they work for you.

    There is a learning curve with the vise, but once you get it figured out you'll never give it up.

  2. Here's one that works good for me.

    Hook: Sz 10

    Tail: Brown Marabou

    Hackle: Brown

    Rib: Small copper wire

    Thread: Orange 140 denier

    Eyes: Bead chain

    Legs: Hot tipped silli legs - Black/Red


    Tie on the bead chain eyes on top of the hook, useing figure 8 thread wraps about 1/8 inch back from the hook eye. Then wrap the thread back to just above the barb of the hook.

    Tie on the tail, then the copper wire and the hackle.

    Twist the brown marabou and wrap it to right behind the eyes.

    Tie it off and clip the excess.

    Wrap the hackle to behind the eyes. make 2 or 3 wraps of hackle just behind the eyes and tie it off. Clip the excess.

    Counter wrap the copper wire rib to behind the eyes and tie off. Clip or break off excess.

    Make a couple extra thread wraps behind the eyes and put in a half hitch or two. Move the tread in front of the eyes.

    Tie in 6 peices of the silli legs on the under side so the black part extends over the point of the hook. Clip the legs so they are as long as the hook shank. I like to have about half black and half red after they are cut to length.

    Make a head and whip finish.

    I've caught carp, cats, bass, bluegill, drum (sheephead) on this fly. I think they take it for a crawdad.


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