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  1. DamaSeal... meticulously hand crafted by Faruk Ekich...
  2. Pete,

    I am back to tying after an almost two year hiatus. I would like to catch up with you and your phlyz.

    Also wondering about Ken. Last I heard was last spring.

  3. Thank you... I do miss the Cape of Cod more than words can say ! Maybe next Spring for a refresher... Those were the DAZE !
  4. The Rebel Triad Alliance... Those were the Daze ! Jay Smit (Jvice/Renaissance man) gifted me a “prototype” (the one pictured above)... fine tuned adjustable thread tension and robust... He opted for his brilliant and more ergonomic design (see photo of Jvice / Jbobbin)... Engineers always raise the bar ! Faruk Ekich (Damaseal/automatic bobbin) never ceases to amaze !
  5. All sorts of interesting stuff to be found from daze gone bye 👋
  6. petegray

    Tube Flies

    I like them for Stripers... Bluefish, NOT so much... Hooks held in place by a pliable junction tube perform well as a keel... if/when they dislodge during the fight and ride up the tippet, they become an inconvenient target... Google: Dual Tube Phlyz
  7. Jay's hardwood work station base is the most innovative I've seen and the best I've had the pleasure to use... The stem can be secured on the left rail for lap tying or on the front leading edge for a height adjustable table top application... BRILLIANT !
  8. Ausgezeichnet...! Kinetic Sculptures... Synergy... Think Stradivarius...
  9. Which model....? Be sure to go to Faruk's "Ultimate Bobbin" web site to become familiar with usage tips... the spool must pay out / retrieve in the proper direction and... after approximately 20" of payout, the spool must be unseated to reset the take-up spring... second nature with a bit of practice and can be done with one hand... I really enjoy my Ekich gear...!
  10. Improvise... Do what you can with what you have...
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