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  1. Congratulations to all the winners! I haven't entered for several years, and it seems that the entries get better every year. Also thank you Will for your work in organizing the contest. :headbang: Caleb
  2. Mine are all there. Thanks for your work Will. Caleb
  3. My flies aren't appearing either. I sent a message to Will, so hopefully he will be able to tell us what's wrong. Thanks Will for all you're doing to put the contest on. :headbang: Caleb
  4. Congrats Edwin! -- you Rist brothers definately have got the salmon flies down to a science. :headbang:
  5. When you develop Carpal Tunnel at 18 years old. :wallbash:
  6. I've been experimenting with picture backgrounds too. I really like them so far. About your lighting- I do all my photos with just light from above the fly. If you hold a white sheet of paper under the fly it will reflect light up onto the bottom of the body of the fly. Try it out and see how you like it. Caleb
  7. I guess I should also clarify that this is not for a salmon fly-- I just thought this might be more of a salmon fly technique and not a streamer technique. I can't figure if this was wrapped together or seperate. It kind of looks like they were seperate wraps, but using seperate wraps I've found it's really hard to get it smooth and continuous. I have tried wrapping together-- and I can get it pretty smooth--but its hard to keep the width of the colors all perfectly even. Could this be wrapped seperated, just using extremely small and thin widths of floss? That way it would lay fairly smooth on the thread base. But then you would have to be real careful about not letting the floss widen out too much. Caleb
  8. JZ- It's like one continuous smooth floss body, but with different colors/strands of floss. Currently I am trying to wrap two strands of floss together, but after a while they seem to mix, and then the colors are not even. Willow- I will see about getting some silk. I have some silk gloves but I like using the non-latex purple gloves better. They are just as smooth, but have a little more friction so you can keep more tension on the floss. The normal latex don't work well though. Caleb
  9. Does anyone know how to do a multi-colored floss body? I saw one and was going to try it out. I assume you would have to wrap all the colors together-- you just have to keep them fairly flat and even. Am I thinking on the right track? Also, currently, for floss bodies, I am using a single strand of the danville four strand floss. Is there something that won't fray quite as bad? Thanks Caleb
  10. Congratulations to all the top place finishers-- but I think all the flies were winners. The photos this year were awsome as well. Thanks Will!! Caleb
  11. Congratulations to the overall winners!! I think this was the best year yet. Although I didn't enter anything this year becuase of some other deadlines, I had a lot of fun voting. A bunch of great flies for sure.. :headbang: Caleb
  12. Thanks PB. Well I guess I'm burned out now. :headbang:
  13. Does anyone know if Flytying Ireland is haveing a contest this year? I haven't been able to get into their website. Thanks, Caleb
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