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  1. Mr. Steve, you did not. Although I had asked you to start one. I never got the money. But we did discuss it for sometime. I haven't done TIG yet, only stick and MIG. But it's been alot of fun hope all is well!
  2. Now that I'm driving maybe we can actually get that fishing trip done
  3. Hello everyone, I hope someone remembers me. Seems like this site has really grown since I was here last. I'm 17 now. Almost 18. I just graduated High School this year. That was pretty awesome. Haven't been tying much, and I know this isn't my blog but I'd still like to share a bit I've been working for a Custom metal worker. I learned to weld and whatnot, also I've started blacksmithing with him. It's a great opportunity for me to learn. Hopefully I can aqquire some more life skills in the area of work. I started driving, I get my drivers license on the 24th of this month. I went to Nicaragua on a missions trip with my church, me and 4 other guys built them a 48'x32' church out of steel, cinder blocks, and re-bar. It was really something. I'd like to host a swap soon probably, that'll get me motivated to tie more. Really missed everyone. Glad to be back. -Mark
  4. I'm sure he'll pay me generously. He already gave me a Nor-vise. But he doesn't tie anymore, no.
  5. I hate tying for orders I have no sample. But I will strip with tweezers and make the most of this. thanks to all of you. Its really nice to see some familiar "faces".
  6. Here's the WALLY wing. http://www.flyanglersonline.com/flytying/fotw2/061702fotw.php And stripped hackle quills.. only I'm stripping them myself. And I can't get all the fibers off.
  7. Someone at my church ordered 4 dozen mayflies from me, but he wants me to use stripped quills as the tail and legs. Aswell as the WALLE wing. I'm struggling to strip the quills on my own, and it's too late to buy them as I need to finish the flies in 3 days. On a side note, I'm sorry for disappearing like I did, I don't know if any of the old timers from 2010 are still here, but Hello to any who still lurk. Welcome to all other new tiers! -Mark
  8. At my church today someone comes up to me and wants to talk. So we started talking about fly fishing and fly tying. Turns out he's the founder of a local TU chapter. By the end of the conversation he gave me a norvise and some other materials. I was blown away. Hope to learn to use the norvise soon. Just wanted to share with someone. Anyone who has a norvise tips would be nice on how to use.
  9. Nope... missed the RSVP date on my invite...
  10. Paul, I understand what your saying, thanks for the suggestion. Bugsy Are you going to the International Fly tying Symposium this year?
  11. Here's a few more i've done.. I fear some may have seen these already. Kirk Deitrich has the orange one
  12. Bugsy I have indeed. This is just a freestyle I put together, and I probably will end up bass fishing with it 0.o I have plenty of silkworm gut for eyes the ribbing is awful to be honest. Glad to hear your suggestion on the throat. I didn't think of that. Been working on another, I can post up pictures if any are interested. Gotta get home to my computer
  13. O.o all Good ideas ;P If your in need of deer hair send me a pm.. i have more than enough deer and elk hair.....Bugsy not a bad idea.. I'm in need of some salmon fly material
  14. Well guys, truth be told i haven't tied any flies for quite some time. But yesterday I started up again. Theres a fly that I Tied awhile ago that I had sitting on my desk. Wasn't sure whether I had shared it yet or not. As always, Questions, comments, critiques.
  15. Hey I know i'm extremely late, But i can send out a full dress salmon fly tomorrow if you'll let me in
  16. As stated above,Just use less thread.. as you get better and better at thread control your heads will start to become micro ;P this will also save money on thread spools O.o As shown in this picture.
  17. I can't agree more with this.. this is the perfect solution. ;P
  18. PT, I really like the look of that fly, I used to fish a similar pattern, with a cone head.. got slammed all the time.. lost the damn thing to a tree 0.0
  19. I've got a bunch of materials laying around that I will never use. A lot of it Is deer hair and synthetics. I am willing to send it out to whoever is really in need of some beginner materials. Just pm me on here and we will work something out.
  20. yea, it has been awhile. But i'm back at it
  21. TO bad I missed this swap, loved it from last year
  22. I would say bulk up the tail on the frog with some marabou or hackle, something to make it more proportional.
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