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  1. To rstout this is what I was refearing, to the intolerance with the one who thinks different,thanks for being the perfect example,very primitive Regards Adrian
  2. Most of you have only a few monthson the forum, no more than a couple of years (info from yours avatares). For that reason you do not know, when I said how the forum has changed since 2005. for that reason, before to send an opinion about one post, you must to know about what we are talking, if not, it is bettet not to comment. I know the forum when big fly tyers promoted good ideas, when there was cordiality, today they are not here, the forum is something emty, with nothing new to offer, so I feel sorry when I see that new people agree with the mediocrity now exhibits by the forum, because of a mediocre. For that reason I said that you must to know the whole picture, when a forum is closed by a deranged person, that's means that the person is not fine. during the last years he follow the same lime of conduct. He always has the truth, the others were always wrong, he has no errors, with a very small ability that does not match with his big ego. never try to earn the respect with arrogance. for that reason all the biggers fly tyers are good people. I explained my arguments with reason and rationale to support my position, it is better than to remain silent. Regards Adrian
  3. To riffleriversteelheadslayer and others I really do not understand why do you mix morality and good manners with to ask me to show my techniques, prepotency is normal in the forum. I show my works (one of the functions of the forum) and I share my techniques with some people, and Fred never share his techniques, becasue he has not his own, he has David Martin techniques, like he said a lot of times. Also, I never saw anybody requesting to Logan ,Whillock ,Teyssie etc in order to show their techniques, simply because they will never do that. Since the last two years this forum was loosing big people, and nobody ask himself why big fly tyers left the forum? (including coordinator). No one realizes that the few good tyers that remains, never send an answer in any post opened by Fred?. Maybe you think that those great fly tyers were wrong. He did the same than the young chick of dark billed cuckoo I am encouraged by the support received on emails and PM. This forum looks like an empty cocoon, content has almost no importance, only remain the shell, and this is real pity
  4. Yellow Bomber You have a very,very particular interpretation of the facts,you are the new Waylon Smithers,congratulations. Adrian
  5. Very clever j74soonk, thanks for your sense of humour,and Fred I'm still waiting.... Cheers Adrian
  6. To Fred One thing that bothers me a lot is when you talk without any basis on what you're saying; Crayfish is a generic name for many species of decapod and obviously you do not know them at all, so I posted real Crayfish's pictures, with that you must to see that you are wrong, however you did not say anything about it and I'm still waiting; you are a very impulsive person who must learn to watch your own mistakes instead of looking for the outside where there is none, if you're looking for a way in order to be different from the others, you are in the wrong path, education and morality are in the other side. Adrian
  7. Dear Fred The proportions of crayfish are correct, this is one from River Limay in Argentina (one of the best rivers around the world for fly fishing), but in order to know that you must to be a flyfisher man. Is not serious if you try to correct me without any information about the sizes and proportions, here you have some pictures of this crayfish(Samastacus family). With this you can compare. You should put aside your criticized and malicious, and enjoy more of the work of the others, and you have something personal with me, this is not the proper way for discuss. Thanks everyone Adrian
  8. Hi Everyone Here my last job. Cheers Adrian
  9. Sebastian Excelent work,very real,realmente me sorprendiste,felicitaciones. Adrian
  10. Hi everyone this is my new fly,it`s only foam,raffia.japanese legs and epoxi.Cheers Adrian
  11. Hi Paul Here if you can use the terms wow or awesome without any problem, it's comforting to see this level of tying. Best Regards Terrome
  12. Redwings1 thanks for that (I liked "wicked") the size? one inch long. And Thanks Andres, I share the same principles, it is a pleasure to be on the same line. regards Adrian
  13. Diffuseness is one of the basics of realistic tying, flies should be distinguished by their details and when we see we should see it like a real bug and not something that resembles. The care and detail in the legs, antennas and any other appendage is often much more important than the body itself, as it is they give a natural look to our flies. It is not bad to apply outside techniques, but neither is any merit, all tyiers have good techniques and this is what set them apart from others,for this they must find themselves, so that flies have the stamp of oneself, and this requires skill and dexterity, which is accomplished with years. We should always want more, try to be original in their proposals, leaving the shadow of others, within their abilities and seek to be Mozart and not to be Salieri. The following fly have not resin,have not epoxi,have not third party techniques, only own techniques.The all materials is tied to the hook Abdomen and thorax:foam and latex Underbody:Foam and japanese legs for extended body Legs:Japanese legs,hackle and thread for the the "thigh" recovered with head cement Antennae and jaws:japanese legs Regards Terrome
  14. Hi everyone This is my new fly.Regards
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