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  1. Out of all the research that I have done in getting a detailed drawing for the jig, thread placement and the basics of making the furled leaders is in this site. Hope this helps. I will be building my jig this weekend. http://www.peninsulaflyfishers.org/Tackle/...led_leader.html Nicholas
  2. I am pretty fired up about this show. I went to the one for the firs time last year and have to say,"It was a great experience." I look forward to sitting through some of the seminars that Lefty, Jerry, and Bob will be putting on. I hope to see some FTF people there for sure. Nicholas
  3. I just downloaded the Fly Fish Radio Podcast. I don't know if any one is into Podcast or radio feeds on the internet, but I have to say these fellas have put together a great information program. I like the fact that it is commerial free, and able to download into my MP3 player and list to while a work. If you get a chance to check it out I HIGHLY recommend listening to them. www.flyfishradio.com Nicholas
  4. I went to Shmidt Outfitters today and picked up some materials to tie Ray's Salmon Snake with the Petitjean cup. It looks like a easy enough fly to tie. I am really excited about tying this fly, and more importantly using it this coming salmon season. Just thought I would get some input on if anyone has tied it and what they thought about the finished fly. Here is a step by step link Ray has on his site. http://www.schmidtoutfitters.com/schmidt_n...SalmonSnake.asp
  5. Flies are on the way, going into Monday's Mail. Look forward to swapping flies. Nicholas
  6. Here Swappers, Spwaaaapers, Swappers!!!!!
  7. You can count me in on this one. I will be tying a deer hair pattern. Something to the likings of this what I call the Stop Light but instead of a black band will be a Yellow and the Tail Red, I coined this one because of the fish stop on the hook.
  8. Day 5, That camera really makes the close up look awesome. Do you mind me asking where you purchased it? I bought a Minolta and the other attached name last year and have been really impressed with the macro settings, but not as impressed until I purchased a lighting tent from a fellow Ebayer. I had tried the lighting tents, homemade do it your self units, but figure after putting money into them I could of bought a couple of market style light tents. So, long story short, being the big Ebay fan and seller I am, did the search for light tents. Came across this one for 142.00 shipped. Tent, back ground, light bulbs, and light stands. Could not beat it. Heres a couple of my flies with this unit. If you want the link for the tent PM me and I will send it to you. I would post here but not trying to advertise for them.
  9. I would recommend using a clip board, one of the old school "Coaching" kind. It works great in holding the hide and you will also be able to use the clip portion as a cutting edge. I cut in the same direction that the hair on the hide goes. Hope this helps. Nicholas
  10. I came across this a couple years ago, and never tried it but thought it would be a lot of fun on the Great Lakes. So in thinking about more winter hobby projects, I am doing a deeper reseach on the subject and am wondering if any one has tried Kite Fishing. Heres a site to check it out. http://www.magichook.com/kite_fishing.htm Nicholas
  11. Here are some new flies that I have been tying recently. I love tying with deerhair and rabbit strips. Thought I would share.
  12. Welcome to the Forum. I don't know Day5 personally, but have seen him at the tying showing at Mason Expo. Seems like you have made good contact not only with him, but also with all the rest of us members. Nicholas
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