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  1. Recevied flies today. Great bunch of flies from everyone.
  2. Can't stop myself. I am in.
  3. I am in. I promised myself no more swaps cuz it's fishing season but couldn't resist. Love streamers!
  4. Troth Bullheads on their way!
  5. Finished this weekend. Addy please
  6. OLB Bad news. The Troth Bullheads are MIA. Somewhere between checking out of the last motel and getting home they have disappeared. So I will tie them again this week and send them next weekend.
  7. OLB How many total flies so I need to send for the swap 7 or 8?
  8. Need an address please. Went Retro on this one. Sending Troth Bullheads which according to Streamers and Bucktails by Joseph Bates is a pattern developed in 1960 by Al Troth on Madison River.
  9. Flies showed up today. Very cool patterns from everyone. The panfish and bass in these western Iowa ponds are mine for the taking! Thanks again.
  10. finished today. PM address please.
  11. 12 Crazy Leg Bitch Creeks in the mail today.
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