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  1. :yahoo: I'm so happy they got there on time! Glad you like them too Lora
  2. I would like to send some in too What a great Fundraiser!
  3. Thank you for this, I would have had no idea either!
  4. I am waiting for my materials to get here so I can get these all finished up It should be here within a couple of days. i know we have until the 21st of June, but I would like to get them to you way before then so you know you have them. I will PM you my information in a bit.
  5. They all look very nice to me! :bugeyes:
  6. It is waterproof...it's like a flexible polymer plastic...well, I guess that's WHAT it is! It is used for sculpting, for thinning out polymer clay and when you bake it, it becomes clearer at a higher temp, not to exceed 300 f. I make wings out of it for other projects, and I am making some for flies to test it out. Regular polymer clay stays soft until you bake it and then becomes rock hard, this is flexible. It is called Translucent Liquid Sculpey or TLS. You can color it with pigment or oil paint, you can transfer an image to the underside surface of it, and after you bake it, as soon as you take it out, peel off the TLS and the image will be on it....yes, there are so many things! I love it LOL I am a sculptor and Artist..I do all kinds of things with all kinds of medium and I love to experiment. If you want to know more about it I would be happy to help
  7. Dang I hope it stops raining and being cold, I am having withdraws I need to fish these new flies from the newbie swap so I can post in here too!
  8. It is flexible, kind of like rubbery, but very tough.It is very cool
  9. Thank you gpd4 and FlyTyer14, I used translucent sculpey to make the skin. I made a thin layer on a piece of glass and then baked it at 295 for 20 minutes to get it clear.
  10. Robert, thank you LOL. I doubt yours are bad what-so ever! Kirk, THANK YOU!!!!! Still reading, I just wanted to thank you for the link and all the information, I am so happy I joined this forum, everyone has been wonderful Question, What is used for the tail on this fly? Is it the feather spines? Thank you for the answer, gpd4 and FlyTyer14! Golden Pheasant Tippets. Thought I would leave this here for others that might be wondering the same thing
  11. Thank you Chris! Kirk, Yes, the carpet strings are underneath the skin,you can see the little fuzz sticking out under the tail. The skin is clear with tiny air bubbles in it and you can see the dark colors of the fibers through it. Kind of looks like the insides...kind of, but I know I can do better on that too. I will try adding the legs with a dubbing loop, after I figure out what that is and how to do it Thanks so much!
  12. Thanks Everyone! I am going to make another one today...with a modified skin from what I learned last night with this one. I hope it will look better...and I hope I can figure out how to add some legs. I will keep him around, kenn I am thinking I might have to keep all the 'firsts' that I make so I can laugh at them as I progress.
  13. This guy is my second fly pattern tied (if you can call it a pattern)....this is a Carpet Shrimp LOL I have never made a shrimp or crawfish before, and I do not have any fly tying materials except some hackle feathers, and feathers from our ducks. The only flies I have made recently were for the newbie swap and I made some overly fuzzy Cahills LOL. They didn't turn out too horrible for me not tying since I was 8 years old...I am 37 now. This little guy is made from...carpet strands, that's why I named him a carpet shrimp I made the skin from translucent sculpey as a separate piece, tied the feathers and feelers and eyes to the hook, then tied on the body shape (made from carpet strands) on the hook with invisible thread, then covered it with the skin part, then wrapped it in invisible thread for the shell sections. Eyes are made from fishing line, and I used feathers and string for the rest He has cute little eyes, those turned out the best of the whole critter I need to make the tail fan better and I am thinking a curved hook would look much better too. Also the body crest should be fuller and taper down to his head smoother, his feelers should also be placed better...and he needs some legs. Anyway, I hope he makes you smile
  14. That is really beautiful!
  15. OK LOL...Then just one pattern..one color? Still 12 or?
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