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  1. thank you both for the responses. I'll put one of those vids on my Christmas list.
  2. those are unbelievable pictures Graham. What is your new camera? I must say you didn't do bad for gettin' used to it. beautiful reel as well. What a trip. Glad you returned safely.
  3. Hi guys, back for the time being. School keeps me busy so when I have time I like to cruise the forum. I always enjoy looking at your flies. I've got 8 weeks between today and the next day of school. I plan on spending most of my days either sleeping, fishing or reading the Word of God. Since I will have so much time on my hands I would really like to get a somewhat simple, realistic pattern and work on it until it looks, well...realistic. If this is possible I'd like some good ideas. I know everyone's idea of 'simple' is different. It's going to be a relevant question in a sense but perhaps I can get a consensus .. so if there is a realistic that isn't too demanding, that will still hone my realistic skills and not take a week finding the material, I'd like to hear it. As I get better, I'll wonder out a lil further. Until then, those crazy patterns just get me discouraged. if possible all I'd like is the name of the fly and a materials list and if possible, a picture. If there have been other questions like this in the past please post up a link, I certainly searched but it's not always 100%. Thanks for the help! Any info is greatly appreciated.
  4. alright Graham you are back from fishing! enough relaxing! get this thing done, I want to see the finished product. :yahoo: looks awesome, I dunno how you do it
  5. what is rafea? Is it a foam of some sort? Where can I get some? Thank you.
  6. that is so amazing Albert. So awesome! You guys are so inspiring but I just get so darn aggrivated with starting one of these puppies. Thanks for sharing your pics.
  7. we are just used to smaller scuds. In the real world scuds can range from size 12 to size 20 or so. Lookin good santa.
  8. Graham or anybody- what is Dur-lar? Where can I get it? etc
  9. riverguide


    what is that made of? is that real sea urchin lol
  10. yea thanks for the replies. After thinking it through, I have decided I wont pick it up. lol too messy. Thanks anyways!
  11. i'm not sure if its still there or if it would be illegal to go pick it up, but on the way home lastnight I was driving down the road and saw a dead mallard next to the curb..I almost swung around but didnt have anything to pick it up with... I am gonna go see if its still there. What is a safe clean effective way to pick this thing up, clean it and kill the bugs. Thanks- kyle
  12. thank you thank you! ya'll are great.
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