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  1. Yea, my dad carved the set from deer antler and black walnut wood, then I made the stand in shop class.
  2. Hello, just wanted to see all your DIY and custom fly tying and fishing things. Here's my custom bone tying set from my dad, as well a fly rod rack I made in school. So theirs mine show my your custom accessories.
  3. Thanks for all the help guys, great ideas
  4. Hello, just wanted some ideas for a good top 10 rainbow trout flies, for fishing small lakes that have been stocked, I am still learning to fly fish so any ideas with be appreciated.
  5. Hey everyone, just wanted to start a quick topic for all those just starting this summer for the smallmouth's (like me), post pictures, names or patterns of your top 10 go to smallmouth bass flies.
  6. Hello, how do you keep the heads of buck tails, streamers ex:, small and compact while at the same time making sure all the hair stays securely in. Also can anyone explain the Swap forum, how does it work? age limit?
  7. Nice caterpillar Devin, great use of two hooks to make it look move realistic
  8. Hello, I am getting ready for bass and trout so here is a stonefly and a crayfish.
  9. Thanks everyone for the great replies, I am going up for a few weeks to fish with my cousin who works with the ministry? I think? Shes the head of the fish breading. So I don't know for sure which part of the river I am going to be on.
  10. Hello, this is my first post here, it seems like there is a lot of knowledgeable people here that I can learn from. I am 16 and I started fly tying about 1 year ago, just today I started tying Atlantic Salmon Flies for a trip to Marimachi. Here are some of my flies (pictures) any advice would be greatly appreciated. And any well know Marimachi patterns would be cool to. Thanks.
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