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  1. Out of curriosity, what is idaho's shortest river?
  2. Along with repitition another tip that has helped me was to tie patterns a few sizes larger than what you would normally fish. For example a griffiths nat is usually fished in a size 18 to 22. I would try to tie it in a size 12. Once you get the hang of it and master the steps then try it in a smaller size. Most of all don't give up!!
  3. I have a free supply of natural latex rubber sheets in two thicknesses .030" and .008". Does anybody have a good pattern using latex? They are a natural latex color, not quite transparent, but will take a permanent marker to darken them up. Any Ideas? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Hate to see this material go to waste when it could find a home on a hook.
  4. Thanks, I'm not a photo guy, and don't have a fancy camera. It was one of those moments when you realize how blessed you are to spend time in the outdoors.
  5. Was flipping through some pics from last years fishing adventures and came across these. These were taken about 7 in the evening in late July as I was coming back from a day of hiking and fishing Palisades creek. Some big thunderclouds moved in and made for a pretty evening in Swan Valley.
  6. Welcome, Nice looking flies!
  7. Good representation of the "clinger" style mayflies. They are bulkier than the others. Good tie.
  8. Can't wait to see that pattern!
  9. Last summer we touring some out of town family around Grand Teton National Park and we had this guy land on the windshield of the car and hitch ride around Jackson Lake. Any ideas what kind of an (extra) terrestrial this is?
  10. Sometimes I think we overthink flies. Trout don't count wingcases or legs, on stonefly nymphs. They key in on the general shape and color, and then instint kicks in. The legs add some life like movement and sometimes thats all you need.
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by rushingjake: This is a staple on the South Fork of the Snake here in Idaho. When I first moved to Idaho seven years ogo I was reluctant to fish this fly because it looked too simple. Once I got over myself I understood why every fly shop in these parts sells out of these so quickly. I usually fish this pattern with a small bead head nymph dropped 12" of the bend of the hook. Mostly PT's, Copper Johns, or Zebra Midges. brown rubberlegs <img src="uploads/img4be6075208f04.jpg">
  12. Love the extended body!! I'm going to have to try the needle technique. Also like hook choice, the segmented body should ride right on the water driving the fish crazy.
  13. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by rushingjake: JJ Special
  14. I have always bought 8" x 11" foam sheets at the craft store or Wal-Mart for $.50 a piece. The Fly shops sell sheets a quarter of the size for closer to two dollars. I read somewhere that the foam designed for fly tying is somehow superior in flotation to the craft store stuff. Just want to get a feel for what others are using and if its worth the extra dollars at the fly shop. Is there a difference??
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