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  1. I agree with the idea that brookies arent particular. At least they arent picky here on the small streams in northern New Mexico. My favorite fly, I guess, for them is Jack Dennis Western Blue Dun. It seems to work any time and anywhere. http://www.fishingwithflies.com/images/Img268.jpg Joe
  2. I have it, too. Lots of excellent information. Joe
  3. I agree. Between the Murdich Minnow and the Staynor Ductail, they have caught probably well over 90% of my warm water fish over the last number of years. Joe
  4. AK, I have used them and agree with GP, they are easy to work with. Some companies sell the “quills” that are tapered, which I prefer. The problem I have with them is their colors. To me, they are not natural looking. Joe
  5. I agree with the washing, rinsing, and drying that tjm suggests. I think the problem that really old necks might have would be brittle stems. I don’t know if the cleaning process would soften them up. Joe
  6. I can see that this might be a pain to those tiers who keep their scissors in their hands at all times. I put mine down after each cut and appreciate the larger screw because I put them on my desk with the screw on the underside and it makes them much easier to pick up. I guess thats why they make different types. Joe
  7. This, maybe? https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-OLD-FLY-FISHING-THOMPSON-WING-FORMER-D-H-THOMPSON-FLY-TYING-ILLINOIS/312050564576?hash=item48a7a9bde0:g:EhwAAOSwndZaZRe2 Or? https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-OLD-FLY-FISHING-THOMPSON-WING-FORMER-D-H-THOMPSON-FLY-TYING/312050561934?hash=item48a7a9b38e:g:wnEAAOSwLUpaZRW3 I have no idea if this is what youre looking for, but maybe...... Joe
  8. I have used the Dr. Slick razor scissors for a number of years. I bought the Dr. Slick tungsten carbide scissors a year or so ago to more easily cut the 30 denier GSP thread that I like to use. In the last couple of weeks, I purchased the Loon razor scissors because the Dr. Slick razor scissors were finally beginning to dull a little, but just a little. They work great. All 3 pairs are of superior quality and are excellent and I would highly recommend them all. Joe
  9. Love the look of stripped hackle quills and stripped peacock and their ease of use for bodies, and with the addition of varnish or super glue or UV resin they are very durable. Barry Ord Clark just put out a video tying the Screaming Banshee made basically with nothing but elk hair. https://youtu.be/Kikg492WZV8 With my lack of ability dealing with hair, I can only imagine what mess I could make trying to tie this fly! Joe
  10. My sister and brother-in-law have lived in Richmond for about 30 years now. Ive visited there a couple of times. Its beautiful. Being a visitor there and just driving around to see the sights, I found myself on several what I thought were just highways until I came to a mandatory exit ramp and realized I was on a toll road. Next time I visit, I will take a sack full of change with me! Joe
  11. Interesting. I have used the air method with both natural, synthetic, and a mixture of both with excellent results. I cant say that Ive used only Antron, but the most important aspect of the method, Ive found, is to move the tube all around the inside of the bag while using the compressed air. Im sure you did that, so....? I will add that since you want the dubbing for the body, and La Fontaine used touch dubbing, you will want the fibers cut up in small pieces. You might look at The Book Mailer - http://thebookmailer.com/tbm/product/touch-dubbing-copy/ - and see if they still have some of his original dubbing blends available. Just a thought. Joe
  12. I would suggest either mixing them with your fingers or using the baggie/compressed air method (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wmCgKEg_Wtw). Ive never had good luck using a coffee grinder for purely synthetic materials. Joe
  13. Very nice job. Many of his patterns, like this one, are tough to tie. Great patterns, but difficult. Well done! Joe
  14. Competitive Anglers and White Fox Fur and Feathers are, as stated above, good sources. Google “dyed starling skins” and you’ll find a few others. You need to be diligent because the more popular colors go pretty fast. Joe
  15. There are a number of places online that sell dyed starling skins. As I said earlier, I have a natural, an olive, and a dun and they cover most of the small soft hackles that I tie. But, you can get them in purple, yellow, rusty brown, gold, red, etc. The ones I have and the other colors that I have seen are beautiful. Joe
  16. I also like starling. I have three skins that I’ve bought - natural, olive, and dun. They have feathers that will work down to tiny flies. Joe
  17. I looked at places close to me - northern NM - and didnt really find much in useful colors. I couldnt sleep last night so I Googled paracord. There is a place, I swear, called paracord planet that sells all types and lengths of paracord in 300 colors! Wow! 300! I had no idea! Joe
  18. Sorry. It wouldn’t let me delete or edit the post. Joe
  19. Tungsten thread is just like wrapping a guitar string around a hook shank. trust me its a waste of time and money Never have had a problem if you cut it off the spool before using it like lead wire. On the spool in a bobbin holder, yes. Joe
  20. If you use the tungsten thread just as you would use lead wire on larger flies, it works fine. It is just too brittle to use as thread on a bobbin holder to tie a fly with the twisting of it after each wrap. It breaks. But wrapping as weight with your hand, breaking is not a problem. Just another possible option. Joe
  21. The tungsten thread that has been discussed here before would be an option. In my experience it is worthless to use for actual thread but it is very fine and can be used in place of lead on small flies. Use it just like lead wire. I find it helps get very small subsurface flies through the surface film without adding any bulk. Joe
  22. Thank you. Sounds like good stuff! Joe
  23. Does the material float or soak up water? Joe
  24. The Veevus 30 denier GSP is my favorite. It completely disappears on the hook. I tie off my parachute flies on the post and you cannot even tell you did it. However, I have had problems with it being tangled about 1/2 to 3/4 way through the spool on several that I have purchased. Still, it is great. Joe
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