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  1. 1st time at the computer this week. Got my box Monday - fast from coast to coast; thanks! Interesting variations of gurlgers, got some new takes I'm going to try my hand at tying. Very pleased for my first swap. Greg
  2. I'm good - all present and accounted for
  3. Liking the looks of this...printed out your nice step by step instructions and will be giving this one a try...
  4. Yea, been looking on ebay but so far no luck....still drooling
  5. Done! 1 completed box of gurglers in the hands of the US Postal service enroute to you Pat.
  6. Tonights project...my last two gurglers and putting the package together for the mailman...hope I'm not last.
  7. The tier of that fly should get a honorable mention or special prize for the contest....fly never intended to be used ends up catching something anyway.
  8. After much internet browsing I'm now drooling over the Griffin Patriot Cam vise - think I've decided this is the one I want. With a fly tying desk in the living room as a Christmas present I need a pedastal base unit - I like that this one comes with both. Its not a true rotary but I dno't need that function anyway. Anyone use this vise? Comments, complaints? Of course at its price, now means I have to save up but.... THanks Greg
  9. thanks for all the comments everyone...keep 'em coming. Got an email advertisement that the J Stockard vise is now on sale 20% off...was wavering on looking for something else but with my trucks transmission failing a 20% sale is looking mighty good if Im going to get anything.
  10. My friend got me into tying this year and has loaned me a bunch of his older equipment to get me started. Been using a very simple vise that he loaned me (he uses a reaaal nice Regal now). I am looking to upgrade and am wondering if anyone has used the J Stockard value series vise that I guess is the knock off of the Regal. If so, thoughts? I know its alot cheaper but is it still a good vise and at least somewhat durable? Thanks for the input, Greg
  11. Got up early today to find out 22 inches of snow had fallen but what I found was 3/4ft snow drifts all around my house. Thank god for snow blowers. We dodged the bullet here in DC (just north of); although the snow blower is ready to go. Doing my gurglers for this in color groups of 4...have 5 down 8 more (currently) to go...
  12. Alrighty - my first year tying thanks to smokinprice who has also gotten me onto this site and in addition turned me onto this swap; which by the way will also be my first. Learned to tie gurlers early on and enjoy tying them not to mention their easy to get creative with. So, I'm game but new to the whole thing so....count me in but make sure you give me directions; got the whole tie up the designated gurgler numbers and send them to the host, what else so I need? Thanks, Greg
  13. Id like 3 shirts; 1 XL in Dark chocolate, 1 XL in Pistachio and a medium in Texas Orange. Thanks, Greg
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