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  1. That's a great looking fly @TheCream! What's the tail material?
  2. Very creative Al. Thanks so much for your detailed description. Unfortunately the Petitjean bobbin has a unique self-threading feature so the tip of the bobbin is different than traditional bobbins. I'm just trying to find a contact at the company so I can get them to replace the bobbin. Thanks again! Jeff
  3. Thanks Kimo. The bobbin worked great for a while and then started cutting 6/0 thread so it's a different issue. Just trying to get some support out of the company and wondering if anyone has had success reaching them. Most companies in this industry are very responsive.
  4. Thanks Mike. It's definitely the metal tube on the end. The Petition has a unique tip that facilitates self threading of the bobbin which is one of it's best features. It's the self threading mechanism that's cutting the thread with minimal pressure.
  5. Has anyone had success getting product support from Petitjean? Obviously their tools are of high quality and expensive and I love them but despite repeated efforts I've never been able to get product support help through their website. I have a bobbin that keeps cutting the thread when I try to use it. Has anyone else had issues with the bobbin or other Petitjean tools? Any suggestions on how to get product support or warranty repair? Thanks for your help! Love following topics on this forum. Jeff
  6. @kimo, saw your comment about excellent customer service from Petitjean. What's your secret? My experience is the opposite. I've hit their customer support email on their website at least half a dozen times and never got a response.
  7. Support from Petitjean Has anyone had success reaching them to get help when one of their tools has a problem. I have the whip finish tool and the bobbin. I love them both but recently the bobbin became very difficult to load. I can't get the thread past the little hook in the end without break the thread. I've reached out via their website with no response. This was a gift so I can't return it to my local fly shop. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! Jeff
  8. Does anyone have a link to the recipe to tie this fly. Love the small foam extended body!
  9. This is a great looking pattern. Do you have a rough draft of the tutorial? I would love to try it out.
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