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  1. Looks amazingly awesome and from even just one or two feet awat i bet you wouldnt be able to tell the difference between a real one and yours with exceptin of a real one moving of course. Cudos job well done
  2. sharpster68

    good tip

    i use plastic zip locks to carry toilet paper and to put my ids and other things in that i dont want to get wet
  3. i fish the rivers for salmon and steelhead as well. i like the small lakes up here because their are a good amount of them and they are good for catching small planted rainbows. and there is a lake called pass lake which is year round fishing but its a catch and release lake only which is not all that bad because it guarantees there will always be fish to catch
  4. If your tying flies and you dont have a holder while glue dries get a foam cup or use wax paper the glue wont stick to the wax paper.
  5. What is your favorite area to fish. Me i like the Mount Vernon Washington area mainly because its close to me and there are quite a few streams and small lakes to fish
  6. i like to fish with caddis and streamers tying i like to tie anything that imitates bees or mayflies
  7. Hello all i would like to get in on the fly swap. Sounds like a good thing is going on here and i have a few unique patterns that have had pretty good results.
  8. Im new to this site. i have a question what is or was GCO?
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