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  1. That's cool that your mom digs it too. Congrats on the pike fish
  2. Hey Jeremi, I agree go big on hooks and use some serious leader. A sink-tip would be good to have. Your wife would kill me for suggesting this but, if you're gonna blind cast I'd wade out and stand on the sandbar, this way you can get out deeper where they're more likey hanging out. I've never really targeted sharks, but haven't been able to resist taking a shot at one from time to time, so I can tell you that when sightcasting the shallows and something finally cruises by, you'll probably only get one shot. It's worth mentioning that often something will follow a fly all the way to your rodtip, if that something was a 10' bull shark a dive knife might at least give you a false sense of security. By the way I have landed a shark, but I've never even hooked one up on fly, so I'm hardly an expert. Congrats & good luck.
  3. Hi Albert, We call that a gummy minnow over here, and I've never seen one with a cool tail like that. I like it.
  4. I'm reminded of baitfishing as a youngin', after watching 'em hammer my red & white plastic "strike indicator" one day, I switched to an old school topwater plug of the same colors called a Bass-O-reno (Do they still make the Bass-O-reno?) and absolutely killed 'em. Something kind of funny that noone seems to believe is that a couple of the fish were huge golden shiners which gave me the idea to later bait the trebles of that same plug with bread, the shiners were in turn used to catch bass.
  5. Welcome Albert, Those are outstanding! Glad you found the forum and looking forward to seeing more of your work
  6. Far out! Looks like it might be really quality stuff. Seems like even the fishing shows that I do enjoy are usually lacking in one regard or another. HD is a good sign though.
  7. Thank you, That is excrutiating to watch and I hereby vow to never flyfish without specs again. I'm good about keeping the loop where it's sposed to be, but still...
  8. FL H2O

    Water Cooler

    The best fish I've ever eaten: A perfect size little white snapper, I'd just stepped off the boat starving and a little sunburned. He was still alive when I cleaned and broiled him. Sea salt, fresh ground pepper, lemon wedges-no sides, just fish & cold beer. No domestic, micro filtered read-the- newspaper-through-it crap either
  9. Rites of Passage-Golding
  10. I started with a kit and what I would have done differently is had more money. Starting with $300 I spent about $250 on rod, reel, backing, line, leader, tippet. And since I vowed from the start I wasn't going to fish any storebought flies, this pretty much dictated that I immediately buy a Cabela's kit. It was right for me at the time, then again I've been slowly replacing that stuff since day 1. Your $200 could go pretty far if you shop wisely.
  11. Lord of the Flies-William Golding
  12. The Kreutzer Sonata-Tolstoy
  13. Of Mice and Men-Steinbeck
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