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  1. Thanks guys. Combs makes a pretty big deal of this. I guess when all you do is tie and fish flies for steelhead you can afford to over think details like this. Good replies though, I think I'm going to stop putting so much thought into this.
  2. Hey, just finished reading through Trey Combs old book Steelhead FLy Fishing, and, as with every read through of that book, I focused in on something. There is a portion of that book where Mr. Combs is talking about how traditional Salmon Hooks don't ride right in the water. He says that you need a shorter heavier hook than what they are marketed for to get the fly to ride right in the fast currents we deal with. He also asserts that Spey flies are the most structurally unstable fly because of its small wing and large hackle. Anyone agree or disagree with this? Is this one of those things that modern technology and improved hook quality than from 15 years ago has taken care of? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  3. My Dad has been a gear guide on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington and in Alaska for 30+ years. I followed his footsteps when I was 15, eventually got tired of how repetitive and un artful conventional fishing was, bought a book called "The Color of Winter" about fly fishing for steelhead on the Olympic Peninsual and fell head over heels for fly fishing and the culture here, fly tying was the natural next step.
  4. This thing looks like it would absolutely SLAY on the mountain lakes in my area. Lotta damsels, and the peacock and red are big keys to effective cutthroaty flies.
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