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  1. thats what I like about this forum, always some good ideas to pick up. Saw the image of Steves tools for poppers. Picked up some and had fun spinning some poppers last week. Aside from foam the tool will work good for cork or balsa, just need to predrill a hole first. spun foam body with some dremmel work to flatten belly, then DH head, ears glued into foam before spun head, black mono eyes and then perm. markers for body.
  2. I have these two as well, excellent books.
  3. I dont know what I like more the fly or the name "Poor Bills wham Pous cat" that is a wicked name
  4. nice! I love doing that with craft too, such a soft, sensitive material to work with.
  5. beautiful fly! love the classic lines.
  6. very nice patterns, with a variety of colors and sizes they would be great for LMB and smallies too.
  7. lotta guys covered it in here, just wanted to add a little too "What to use to glue on eyes" I use 5 minute epoxy, I either burn a pocket with sodering gun or cut a pocket. 5 minute is good because you can push and ooze the eye in as it sets. Actually I sometimes dont do eyes on divers. "What hooks to use" Stinger wide gap assorted for fresh and 3407 or other wide gap for saltwater "Where to buy hooks" Online sources are many. Google fly tying stinger hooks. "Do bait hooks work" Bait hooks work, I use them too, I recommend carefully straightening the offset so they track correctly in water. "What to use for tails of divers." saddle hackle, bucktail, ostrich, marabou, rabbit, krystal flash, synthetics in the mix, the skies the limit...
  8. funniest thing I found was fishing the Schuylkill River for smallies with my brother. There was a host of discarded artifacts typical for urban water. We were anchored in my jonboat working some riffles, I looked down and there was a no parking side looking up at me. I told my brother we should move...
  9. from your criteria a jon boat would be a push but I wanted to offer the values of one for fly fishing. My little 12 is rigged and great for fly fishing, it slides into a tundra but it could be done on top of a car. The thing I like about it and the reason I chose over kayak poon or canoe was 100% standing fly fishing. My jon weighs around 50 lbs. The battery weighs as much as the boat.. I know a guide in Virginia who rents kayaks that can swing out for very stable standing. They come with a leaning post too. Such as Cabelas Freedom Hawk design. Another good option.
  10. nice ties smallie! have to say I think thats my favorite pattern. I like the cheek feather detail too.
  11. heck that aint an attempt, thats success. Nicely done!
  12. thats a really nice and simple pattern. That could imitate allot prey; mouse, fish, big bug, frog, etc. Personally I wouldnt change it much at all although personally I trim just a little bit more for evenness but not necessary. Thanks for sharing
  13. very nice! always love seeing a nice, tightly packed dh popper, nothing better. Can relate to the stiff weedguards too. I fish some pressured water with lots of stuff; pads, trees, stumps, branchs, etc. and without chucking flies in the thick of it I wouldnt catch many bass. Double weed guards almost essential.
  14. nice tie! nice tight DH work. Always appreciate that.
  15. I see you used some of those new metal fish heads. I bought some myself. Havnt really fished them much yet though.
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