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  1. Thoughts and prayers from KY,,, Billy
  2. Thoughts and prayers from Ky... Billy
  3. Congrats from Ky.... Billy
  4. redneckshadrap


    Can't wait myself. Let's see if the 24 and 8 car can turn it around. Billy
  5. Have a goodone fellows....
  6. I'm with Steeldrifter....... www.flytyingforum.com
  7. QUOTE The one thing I do usually lie about is where I caught what I caught I have to agree with you on that. Been guilty of that more than once... Billy
  8. I've fished for a long time. Was always proud of my trips, somemore than others. But never felt like I had to stretch someones leg about it to make myself excel as a peer in that persons eye. All fisherman are liars and all liars are fisherman. Kinda of like a double edged dull sword. What does anyone have to gain by telling fibs about thier trips? I've heard some good ones while hanging around in the bait shop. Some of them came from unsuspected victims that would either catch 6lbers, when locals wouldn't catch anything, to catching several fish of one species that doesn't even exist in that stream. At first it was annoying, but now it's just plain funny. Eventually the truth comes out and you go from a peer to a pud. I'm proud to post a report where I catch 50 keeper smallmouth, but I'm also as proud to post that I just had the opportunity and the health to get in the creek for a couple of hours and not catch anything. So if you ever get the hankering to bend the truth, remember the more stories you create the harder they are to remember.... Billy
  9. Will, PLease feel free to place an ad on The Creek Bank for Geeen Caddis. BIlly
  10. A banded scuplin would be a killer in that pattern for sure... Billy
  11. Will, Sorry to hear that. Hope all goes well with the healing. I'll go see Hubbard today and tell him and please fellows no negative comments....at times we need to reflect on someone's well-being. I've never heard one negative thing toward Will from Chris and feel he should know... Thanks, Billy
  12. This was the one... Thanks Billy
  13. Cool...was looking for something.... Billy
  14. Thanks for the lesson.......I mean essay.....
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