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  1. It's just been easier for me to learn and use the materelli faster than with my hands. I've also heard of some sharpening the spade point on the opposite end of the tool to cut the thread with and not having to put it down and then using scissors. Not sure I'd like that method though.
  2. Ok, so I went to a fly tying clinic at a local fly shop. The guest fly tier was Charlie Craven of Charlie's Flybox fly shop in Denver. He made a very good case for using a Materelli whip finish tool vs. hand finishing. He basically said that using a tool didn't rough up the thread as do fingers and that hand finishing twists the thread on the fly causing it to not lay as flat and makes it easier to slide off or come undone. I use a Materelli style tool because that's the way I learned. What do you use and why? Notice any difference in the two methods?
  3. I 2nd the Ott light. Hobby Lobby has great sales too...30-40% off. Watch your Sunday paper.
  4. Wow as a group we're either ultra organized or severely handicapped in the organization department. Here's mine: Fly tying bench
  5. I'm not tying for this year, next year I'd love to do some framed salmon flies as gifts. Should start now, so I can get done by next Christmas!
  6. I am definitely going to get some use out of it! The thing is built to last a life time. He built one for my Dad too , last year. He's just a phenomenal woodworker. I wish I tied flies well enough to do it justice. Interestingly enough my brother also bought me a fly tying kit from Cabela's when I first moved to Wyoming and picked up fly fishing. I'll have to remind my wife of that fact when she's on me about fishing and tying too much
  7. My Brother built this awesome tying bench for my Christmas present. He did an outstanding job. He neither ties or fishes, but built this after inspecting one at a Bass Pro Shop. Fly Tying Bench Good thing we're snowed in today....I'll have time to tie some flies on it! Can anyone tell me what kind of vise the slider on the side is for?
  8. Hey CJ, I'm not sure what browser you're using, but with Firefox, there are several extensions that will allow you to download video from websites. There's a couple that will let you pull video from youtube and google video as well. That way you can have them on your hard drive and put them into playlists if you want. Would probably work well for illustrating different steps of tying a fly in sequences.
  9. I've seen some products that you use to treat dry flies after you tie them. One was a liquid by Loon in which you immersed them in and let cure overnight. Another was a powder to treat them with. I curious if anyone uses these and what type and why. At the Denver Fly Fishing Show, AK Best said that he didn't recommend the powders as they seemed to dry the fly out causing it to suck water up when it was fished. I'm interested to see what you all use. Thanks,
  10. Looks really nice. What kind of wood are you using?
  11. I'll take 1 sm/med brown, por favor.
  12. Thanks for the great tips. I'll definetly be giving them all a try. Give them all a shot and see what works best for me. Flytire: that was a great post....I'm a visual learner so that helped a ton!!!
  13. Hi All I'm pretty new to the forum and just want to say this is a great site, with great people. I am a new fly tyer, too. I've got two year old twins and love to fly fish. It's kind of hard to do with the two ankle biters, so tying flies helps keep me connected to it. Anyway my problem is with marabou. I'm tying wooly buggers as one of my first patterns. I have problems getting marabou to come out right on the tail. What are some good ways to get it off of the feather and bunched on to the hook in the correct amount? I seem to loose half of the bunch before it even gets to the hook. Thanks for the help in advance!!! Matt
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