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  1. im going on vacation this week up to northen ny to Raquette Lake. im looking on some info on if i should bring a sink tip for my fly rod and what are some flys i should have in my box, there is large and small mouth bass, brrokies, browns, and lake trout, perch, sunnys, pikrel and pike, im more of a bass and gill fishermen, but would not mind tring to hook a pike or some trout, the mean depth of the lake is 40 feet, but gets to 90 but lots of weed beds and rock ledge walls, ill mostly stay in 10 to 40 feet of water. ill be in a kayak so wont go to far, ill be using an 8wt fly rod that has a floating line on it, i dont have a sink tip, so dont kno what to pick up
  2. Thanks everyone for all the info. It was very very helpful. So on my way home today from work I stopped at the craft store and got paint brushes, paint, clear cost, and a block of foam to hang them in while they dry. Now I just have to Brain storm some styles. And not really sure on what to use for the back of the fly. But again thank u all for the help.
  3. i very new new at fly tying and just got a kit for my birthday for making foam poppers, it come with hooks and the foam heads un painted, and was wondering what is a good paint to use for the foam, some people told me to use spray paint but i really dont want to cuz i have a toddler in the house and im sure the wife would get a little upset, plus she told me that she would help me paint them, it would make for a great time togther, also is there a special base i need to put down before paint??? and what about a top coat for protection and shine???
  4. i have just began to tie my own flies, and im lost to even what tie and stuff, im not after trout, i love to fish for blue gills and bass and walleye, my fellow fishing buddy is on this fourm and a awsome tier, and i dont have lots for flys, i have done the wolly bugger and im ok at it, and i did this one for blue gilles and it worked great, i just needs some ideas on whats good to start with for bass that arent to hard to tie. any help will be gratefull.
  5. My Name is Steven, im new to fly fishing just started about 4 months ago. and just started tying about a couple weeks ago. been a avid fisherman for years and meet a guy that was a avid fly fhisherman and got talking about that i wanted to get into it so he took me out and teached me and now im hooked i have got more fish on the fly in the last 4 months then i did the last 2 years of spin fishing i have got countless Gills, Bass, Perch, i did hook and land my First ever Walleye it was about 30in. And today i hooked and landed a Bullhead on the fly. I work as a Forman of a Gang for Canadian Pacific Railway also known as The Delaware And Hudson. i work for Signals and Comnication. have a great wife and a two year old son love the outdoors. and cant wait to learn more about fly tying. cant explain the feeling when i catch a fish on a fly i tied. hope to meet lots of new people and learn more...
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