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  1. I'm likely moving to Ottawa next summer and will have to find some new areas to fish. I've started doing a bit of research and see that there's some good bass and musky fishing but I'm looking more for trout and salmon. I'm definitely not opposed to a few hours in the truck to get there as long as there's fish around and some nice streams or rivers to throw a fly. I'm used to fishing salmon on the mighty Miramichi and i know that I'll likely not find the same quality if salmon fishing but i thought this was the best place to ask. I'm not looking for anybody's secret holes just some general guidance i guess. Thanks
  2. I just use the standard UNI 6/0. Make tons of bugs & bombers for salmon and rarely have the thread break on me (Sizes 2-12) unless i snag it on the hook point. Once you get used to how much tension you can put on the thread you're good to go. The hook usually starts to flex too much on me before my thread breaks anyway.
  3. Biggest here was about 28" Atlantic Salmon I got last summer on my 5 wt. First year I really spent much time chasing them. Only got out once this summer though as I've been away all season.
  4. I've used it quite a bit on landlock atlantic salmon with great success. I make a few variations and change the body material (orange floss, orange chenille, silver or pear mylar or another synthetic type) and had success with all. I've also had succes both with and without the synthetic JC eyes; sure, they don't look nearly as good as the real thing but if they catch fish... I notice though if i use them i have to double them over under the head or they pull out easy.
  5. My two oldest started tying when they were 6 and 7. Sometimes they make their own (with help of course) and sometimes they tell me how to make mine. Some have turned out pretty well, despite some different colour combinations. My youngest is almost 2 and I'm sure he'll probably start earlier. Just hope I can keep them interested as I'm sure they'll be much better at it then I am.
  6. I started when I was probably 12, so 17 years ago now. I found an old fly tying kit that my grandfather had and decided I'd try it. With no real instruction at first i made my very first Montreal Canadiens colured ball of thread on a hook. I didn't know how to use a bobbin so i just used a bait hook and wound some of my mothers sewing thread on it with my hands. Then i found a couple neighbors that had some material that they didn't use. One showed me how to spin deer hair for green machines for the Miramichi and a couple other techniques. I guess i picked the rest up from a couple books that my parents got for me. Then i just wanted to make flies that looked just a little different (because i thought they would work better) than the ones you could buy at Canadian Tire and never looked back. My creations were then tested in a bass pond next to my house. Don't think I've bought a single fly in the past 15 years. I took a few years off from it as i was just too busy with other stuff but picked it up again a couple years ago.
  7. Sent you a PM. I'm in Afghanistan too and spend most of my evenings behind the vice. Depending where you're at i may be able to help you out a bit with some pointers from the little bit i know. I tie mostly salmon and trout flies but basics are basics.
  8. I'm looking to tie up a few flies for my cousin who just moved to BC. This will be his first fishing season out there and I'm hoping that if I make him some good ones it will get me an in and I can take a week off work to go out and fish. As he is on the complete opposite end of the country I'm hoping you all can help me out. All my tying experience is in Atlantics and trout and I've just started getting into some tubes. I've been looking around and everything for out there seems big and bright (pink, purple, etc) but I'm assuming that different colours are better for different times of year like they are on the East coast? This way I could give him some for the whole season. What specific patterns should I be looking to make? Thanks for the help. I've tried the pattern database too but doesn't seem to be working...might be my computer.
  9. Perfect, thanks Bad Fish. I'm taking my vice to work tomorrow to tie some up at lunch time...
  10. Was out fishing tonight for Atlantic Salmon. I was using some normal fall patterns, but was told about a Yellow Slime and have also heard of a Green Slime. I cannot find these flies anywhere so I can see what I need to tie. I'm kicking myself now as I could have just asked to see one closer. Looked like a hairwing but i didn't get a look at the body. Has anyone heard of a Yellow Slime and/or have any pics? I looked on the pattern database but can't seem to find anything.
  11. It doesn't look like I'm going to make it in time. We had a baby boy 2 weeks ago and I have not had much time to sit at my vice and make some good flies (i tried some scuds but they're not contest ready yet). With only 8 days left it doesn't look like I'll have time to tie them up and get them shipped off. Thanks for the opportunity (and for the intro to Scuds and nymph tying). I usually stick to dries, buggers, bugs, and the odd wet so this kinda introduced me to nymphs. I don't think we're having any more kids so i should be good to go for the next one of these. Thanks again and wish i could have made the deadline.
  12. Ok, I'm new to the site but I'm in. I just looked up some Scuds on the pattern database to see what they are.... I'll send a PM when I get them done (hopefully this weekend).
  13. I'm thinking about it. I've tied a bunch of Elk Hair Caddis' before but never a scud and probably only 2-3 nymphs. I just got back into tying this year after the Military kept me away from my fly rod for a few years.
  14. I'm brand new here (first post) but I use a Dan Vice. I have not had trouble holding anything up to a 22 yet and I love it. It's on the cheaper end too.
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