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  1. Like a lot of you, I have materials in stackable boxes and plastic drawer bins. I have them organized (sort ot) by what wet fly, dry fly, marabou, feathers such as mallard flank, ronze mallard, guinne (sp?) and such are togather etc, etc. Works most of the time. When buying I have a list of items I find needed to tie certain flies I write it down and when I have an order I do it all at once. Keep refinning until I get it right. That will take a lifetime!
  2. If you are familiar with spey tying fundamentals you can tie just about any fly pattern into a spey. Check out John Shewey's book Steelhead flies also Davie McPhail's you tube videos
  3. Nice work, haven't tried tying in hand. Don't know if my arthritic riddles hands could handle it!
  4. Over the top, it just seemed the natural way to do it.
  5. I have a 8 yr old daughter who tied her first fly (with a little help a few months ago and when I am out in the shop tying she will come out and ask to help. Getting a little spot next to me ready for her. Can't wait to start teaching her to fly fish!
  6. What does everyone use for their salmon and steelhead reels?
  7. Here is a couple of articularted rabbit salmon flies Hope you like 'em
  8. Hook: Mustad 3906 size 8 Thread: Chartreuse 210 denier waxed flymaster Rib: Larartun Oval Med. silver Hackle: Chartreuse Gizzly soft hackle
  9. Another great tribute, nothing left to say! Prayers to all those who gave their lives or lost loved ones! Sincerely Kurt
  10. What a fabulous tribute to all who served and not returned yet! Thank you to all who served to protect all of our freedoms! Sincerely Kurt
  11. Really nice fly! Every detail is great. I have been working on this type of fly, but not close to this quality.
  12. Some new flies I have been working on. Let me know what you think, what I can do to improve my technique.
  13. Excuse me Those are Guinea
  14. The third fly is Patridge
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