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  1. Those look really awesome! I really like your cripple on the bottom - great concept!
  2. Size 12, 2x strong nymph hook. The picture does not do a good job in representing how sparse and small this pattern is. There is a very small amount of materials used, and when wet has a very translucent appearance.
  3. Wouldn't need photoshop to see Steve fishing in a thong - it happens all the time, I have plenty of photos of that already. However, as I don't to decrease the membership of this site significantly, I will refrain from posting.
  4. Been a few years since I've been around - thought I'd jump back in with both feet. By the way - what time do the photoshop wars start, or are those a thing of the past?
  5. sage8wt


    I saw ISO and your name as the creator of the post....I got geeked out of my mind thinking that you had actually tied a dry fly...an Iso dry that is. As is usually the case, you have left me greatly dissapointed my friend.
  6. by streamer fishing - you mean throwing lures.....right?
  7. no joke - i got the same thing and was just about to reply with the same answer. although, the trout on the top of my creel has broken off and the set is proudly on display in a plastic tote wrapped in newspaper in my basement storage area.
  8. flytire - you have opened my eyes to a whole new world...thank you! I owe you my life.
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