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  1. Awesome bunch of folks, A big thanks to all for the care package
  2. Welcome, I cant give you any advice whatsoever on the tying aspect other than what you've already discovered - there is an absolute wealth of good information and great people on here. I have fly fished for most of my life but only very recently have I cast towards tying my own. In response to the OTHER part of your post, when it comes to rods and reels on a budget I have had outstanding luck with Okuma, particularly their cascade line. WHile not a top notch name they cover all the basics quite well and are very affordable at the moment IF you have an acadamy sporting goods in your neck of the woods as that they are closing out the entire line. While prices may vary from store to store, I just bought my son a cascade combo 9ft, 5-6wt alloy reel, pre-spooled with dacron/ WF fly line/ tapered tippet - $17.89 for the whole thing. You can spend more and get more, just like anything else you usually get what you pay for and as always YMMV.
  3. I know this is a bit late in coming BUT Academy is SUPPOSEDLY cutting ties with Okuma (according to the local GM) and all of the stores are supposed to be clearancing out all stock on hand Went in with a friend and he bought 3 9' 5wt Okuma Cascade combos for $17.29 each - even if it is a "cheap" rod the backing, line and, leader in the reel is worth almost that. I bought 2 of them a few years ago in better times at almost 80 bucks each and they were great for me, although one of them now wears a zebco silver bullet trigger release spincast reel i still use the other quite often - especially when im in tight brush on a bank (it hurts a lot less to slap a tree with a low end graphite than to oops an old bamboo)
  4. Now for the really rough part, figuring out what works :wallbash: Already got a few of them simple leeches put together, as well as some popperish wads. Any more suggestions? The Brazos River is my favorite stomping ground, its about the color and texture of tomato soup and is overly populated with 2-12 lb channel, 10+ lb yellow cat (flathead to yall of northern decent) and if you are not careful or have a serious grudge against your rod - the ever present alligator gar ( had a little 3 footer break a 9' okuma 6 wt rod like a tooth pick, still cant figure out how it didnt break my leader first - I shall never use another rod holder) Occasionally lightning strikes and I tie into a hybrid or black bass but usually only during flood stages.
  5. I would like to thank all the folks who have messaged me with tips and materials, y'all definitely know how to welcome a feller.
  6. used a plastic dowel on this one (got carried away boring the axle holes)
  7. One custom macguyverized bobbin - err bobbin holder One highlighter or dry erase marker (used = Free) One small wooden dowl (bamboo shish-kabob skewer 50 for a dollar) bobbins from sewing machine (got prob 30 of them for the sewing machine, can use them later on sewing machine and refill them from sewing machine so free for this) end off of a dead bic pen empty the guts/tip from the highlighter, notch the big end so the bobbin fits snugly - spool tension is created by the gap punch holes in the 'ears' created by the notching heat end of highlighter to soften and insert the point of the bic pen, just like you were putting it bac on the pen tube. pop the bobbin in the slot, put your trimmed to length piece of down through the holes creating an axle (for more weight use a bolt, anything that fits) thread through the body of the highlighter and out the pen tip Cost=15 minutes for the first one, 3 minutes each for the next 4 and some stuff that was cluttering up my desk.
  8. thanks for the link, Im going to sit down and see if i cant conjure up something similar. Don't have any rabbit but have several several bobcat pelts in the freezer awaiting the next furrier who wants them more than i do. Now to build my own thread holder/bobbin.
  9. Thanks for the welcome, Just wanted to add - In 10 years off and on in this area I have yet to see anyone else out with a fly rod around here and to the best of my knowledge you cant buy a over the counter fly within 100 miles of me. Im deep in catfish country and have decided that a good 7-10 pound channel cat on a 5/6 wt rod is as close to heaven as I'll ever get. However it doesn't take many of those to turn a purty wooly bugger into a splat.
  10. Stumbled on this forum and found tons of what looks like useful info but, I am trying to get into tying on a non existent budget. I have cobbled together a few fly like THANGS (won't elevate them to actual fly status) using miscellaneous snelled hooks (stripped - bought 41 packages mixed sizes at a yard sale .10 cents a pack) various thread, feathers picked up from the fence at the zoo - frozen to kill bugs, course hair from the dogs grooming brush (Chesapeake bay retriever very wiry/stiff), popper heads from disposable yellow/orange ear plugs, and a few other scraps of nothing. I have absolutely nothing that resembles fly tying tools other than a few good pairs of scissors. Here is the question, Have any of you MADE or Modified things into workable tools? been using krazy glue and wooden skewers stuck into a block of styrofoam as a vice (glue the hook just above the point pop it lose with a razor when done) made a few bodkins And I would rather not be told to invest, I have not been able to fish at all for a few years and still cant really afford it. I have now found a way to get a babysitter for a few hours every weekend - and my choice was either buy a fishing license or buy gizmos and gadgets to make things to sit and look at.
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