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  1. funny you posted that because i was looking at that last night, the one i purchased/copied didnt have the overwing.... well, sounds like i need to go back to the shop to look at it again...damn
  2. Two i tied up today, had to get materials from the shop, because i dont have a very broad assortment of supplies yet, but at any rate, im proud of them. i lost my original in the car on the way home, so i was goin off my memory. i know i could have googled it, but i figured wth. i did one with ice dub peacock black and one with a mix of senyos laser dub:green chartreuse/hareline dub mckenzie green. comments welcome.
  3. thx for the quick response..ty very much!!
  4. Hello, my first post here, Ive been tying off and on for a while, but never had the time/energy to get really involved until now, so im trying to inventory what i have, I kinda know what these feathers are, but i dont know the specifics (what part or grade they are)...hopefully these images show up.. A: B: C: D: Thanks!
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