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  1. I recently bought some big fly fiber in various colors. It has been on my wish list for quite some time now. I'm sure when I put it on my wish list I had a specific pattern in mind. I probably saw a pattern on youtube or on a webpage somewhere, probably a pike or musky pattern. Problem is, like lots of things anymore, whatever the pattern I had intended to tie is gone from my memory. Any suggestions for pike or musky patterns that use Big Fly Fiber? Thanks!
  2. That makes good sense. I'll try it with the next batch.
  3. Well, I used the method that Stippled Popper described. I plan to try Capt Bob's method sometime when I get the time. The first picture is the superglue/wood putty filled slot. Does that look right? The next two are the end results of thia method. Thanks to everyone for their help and responses!
  4. I just finished gluing a half dozen bodies to the thread covered hooks with the Gel CA. I liked it very much compared to how I was doing it. It saves a colossal amount of time compared to the way I was doing it. Any other suggestions?
  5. So I've painted and tied several dozen of the Wapsi Perfect Poppers in different sizes. On all of them that I have done, I filled the hook slot with five minute epoxy. It usually takes two applications to get it filled, and then I use sand paper or a metal fingernail file to smooth the hook slot even with the body. I love the way these poppers are turning out, but I'm wondering if it is worth the effort to fill the hook slot with epoxy. Does anyone have experience with just super gluing the hook into the slot and not filling it in? Do they still fish the way they normally would? Your input is appreciated!
  6. @ eastern fly: Which version of the Solarez do you use? I glanced at their website and there were several versions of their fly tying product. Thanks!
  7. I do the needle trick and then use my bobbin threader to pull the legs through.
  8. Hey all. I am trying to get together the materials to tie some Surf Candy style flies for small mouth bass in lakes. I am simply astounded by the sheer number of synthetic materials for tying these patterns. Neer hair, craft fur, Unique hair, streamer hair, on and on, etc. I am sure that most of the saltwater type materials will be long enough, but I've been to 4 different shops and they do not have all of the colors that I would like in the same material. I would like to use three different colors of the same material for the wing (Olive/tan/white or cream). I'm looking to mail order some materials and I have a few questions: 1) Which material would you recommend? The streamers that I want to tie will be around 3 inches long. Is craft fur or extra select craft fur long enough or shouldI go with some saltwater type material? 2) Where would you recommend that I order these materials from? Thanks for your time! Rick Mc
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