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  1. A good rendition opf Jim Stewarts fly. I have had the privilege of meeting and fishing with Jim. Irish
  2. Mine are good. Troutbum When are you comming to visit???? Boiught the house and there is a room for you. Irish
  3. Will, They look great. As usual you did an outstanding job. I look forward to the contest Irish
  4. The catagory winners are great as were all the flies entered. Each year it gets more fun and challanging to tie flies for the contest. this contest has pushed my creativity and i enjoy that. Great job will and also great job to all who entered. Irish :headbang: :thumbup: :thumbsup:
  5. An outstanding contest that i have had the humble privlege of entering for the past 4 years. It is a good time and Will does an outstanding job. All who consider themselves tiers should honor will and his work by entering. again some great flies and some great tiers Irish
  6. I"ll be ther all three days at the FFF booth and enjoying the show. Irish Dave Duffy President SE council FFF
  7. Irish

    FTOTY Status

    Mine are in the mail Saturday. I was one of the last minute fellas. A bunch of entries. Irish
  8. Irish

    FTOTY Status

    I am working on some neat ones. Need to keep the hair ideas flowing. You will see them soon and more than one. All who tie should enter. It is fun and a great way to learn. All who enter are winners. Irish
  9. I did mean 2007 and the host hotel is the Pine Mountain inn at Callaway Gardens and Atlanta is the best bet for airport although columbas, GA can ba an option. We have a room rate for Callaway and be sure to mention the FFF when registering. There are other hotels in the area. I have not heard about the Lake Charles location yet. I will post when i do. Dave
  10. Harold, a great testimonial to the FFF and the Southern Council Conclave. The conclave is always a good time. Take that billy munn fly and put it away. AI too was there, taking a stab at master's Casting Instructor Test. I ma working some more on that. It was good for me to see some old friends that you mentioned and good for both of us to meet some news friends also. All conclaves provide the fellowship and chances to learn more about fly fishing and tying in a couple of days than you can in a year or two on your own. That fly by Mike George was a great one. Harold you are right the membership is not that expensive and the conclave is worth the drive. I would add to your post for the FFF hosting the best tyers in the world. charles Jardine was excellent at representing England. A couple of up comming conclaves close to Texas are the Southeastern Council conclave at Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA June 7 - 9, 2006 and the Gulf Coast Council conclave in Lake Charles, LA May 17 - 19, 2007. All come on down and a good time will be had by all. Irish Dave Duffy Member FFF and President SE Council
  11. Congrats to you and your club from another who took a few of those medals that you guys didn't win. You will truly be famious when you tie at the Southeastern Council Conclave June 7 - 9, 2007 at Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA :bugeyes: :bugeyes: PM your addy and i will add it to the tier list. I will be there I got an email about the success from the FFF and probably Jim Schrammn. all the tiers on the baord should enter the contest next year. Great fun. Irish Dave (Duffy) President SE Council FFF member Board of Directors
  12. TroutBum & Stack were in the corner and "forgot" to save me a seat between them. :ripped: Some really neat flies tied there and they had the bird'seye seat across the isle from Jim Stewart, the MASTER HAIR SPINNER. :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :yahoo: :yahoo: A few beverages were hoisted and a good time was had. stack was presented with the Tier of the Year award by the Southeast Council. The show will be June 7 - 9, 2007 again at Callaway. Irish Dave
  13. It looks really good to me and I think the fly is great This will be really good when it is doen. Thanks for your work. Irish aka Dave Duffy
  14. Really nice flies Paul. I'm sure that they will bring some good money. all should try and make the show. I have seen the tier list and the programs and look forward to the show. I hae requested a seat between Stack and Troutbum so i can finally learn how to marry wings. If i can't learn from these guys then i am doomed. :baby: :baby: then i'm going to show them both how to spin deer hair right. :hyst: Irish Dave, President SEC Council FFF and Show chair. Paul I will b there Thurs day afternoon with the Boss. how about you?
  15. I can't let Kyle and mark get ahead of me. I'm in. Irish Dave
  16. I too have received mine and will try them Wednesday and the rest of the season. They WILL be duplicated before use. Irish
  17. sweet fly. I see that my three wins in a row with bass top waters is in jepardy. Nice fly Will. Irish Dave
  18. bob also ties in the chrystal flash longer than the wings. And in a class i was in with him at the Federation of Fly Fishers Conclave, He also ties all of the wing on one side of the hook. Good to see that others know another great guide and tier in Steve Bailey. I met him in MT years ago at the FFF show in livingston. i had the privilage to sit next to him during my shift. Irish
  19. I have read George Grant's books and have been tieing his patterns. He does weave some bodies mainly the Black Creeper and the rock worm. He also has methods for the Franz Potts flies including the mite series. George also details his woven hair hackling method. The hackles point backward for wets and forward for dries. I have made a number of the wets but have not worked on the dries yet. What do you want to know about George's books? Irish
  20. The hairbugs wiil be in Fast Mail for Friday delivery. Irish
  21. Mike Lawson is coming up and it is sponsored by the FFF. Irish
  22. Sparkleminnow, Try Berel Primsacolor markers and in particular the one called blender. It is a clear marker that will blend colors very nicely. just make sure to wipe the tip with a papertowel a bunch and then wipe it on a post it note to clear off the color. These markers will give you more time to prepare your color mix. Primsacolor has a bagillion different colors vs. the sharpies. I think they would work as well as the sharpies especially if you are covering them with rod finish. Irish
  23. The only thing i have to add is to keep practicing. If it doen't look good cut it off and do it again. Once the hair is packed densly enough then more things open up. Yes it is possible to pack hair so dense that a Diver won't dive. The type helps me to determine how much hair goes on the hook. Either one or 2 deer hides. quality hair is very important as is the length of the hair. Waptsi premo strips and Chris helms hair is Very Good like a fine beer (Moose Drool) Learn to spin first on bars shank then on covered shank. Then on shank widened with mono as in the dave whitlock methods. Irish Dave Duffy :yahoo: :yahoo:
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