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  1. welcome nice tie bet that would work great here!!!! :headbang:
  2. not bad made a bunch now lookin for time to use them...
  3. some, last time I fished with z from the other forum... ss tupperware there.
  4. it is really a lot easier than it looks If ya can find a video to watch it will be easy... I read ho to and could'nt ten minutes watchin a video no problem...
  5. well there is a lot of downed snags, espically after the canes last year... it would probally kinda hard to fish with out loosing a bunch...
  6. Finally got a little time to fish so the wife and I went to the wekiva river to spend the day, I tied up some foam poppers and they worked great for brim... I got really good casting side arm cuz alot of places are so narrow. Any tips on poppers? I was avoidin legs cuz they tended to helicopter on me, I wonder if they make a difference?
  7. nice... one day i will tangle with something like that...
  8. I saw one similar to this but it was'nt chenile... kinda sparkley... http://cgi.ebay.com/Z-WORM-BROWN-CHAT-BASS...1QQcmdZViewItem thanks. I just want something with a bigger profile for bigger fish were catching some up to 10 lb on spinning gear.
  9. nice recycle... did ya fill the hollow tube...
  10. Anyone have a link or some other info on how to tie a worm type fly. I can't get anything past the brim and I keep havin bass try and eat the brim I just hooked.
  11. its off the life givin internet...ezpz , i'll try and find a link
  12. 4 or 6 I belive, not to figure out how to make it ride hook up and on a 2/0
  13. Well I finally made something I can show... have'nt had much time to try it, and really easy to make.
  14. tie it in and super glue the bottom and tie the rest.
  15. Fla. Panfisher

    Zip Shrimp

    nice that would work great under the dock lights...
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