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  1. I dub mine on with just a dubbing loop, but it would probably work better with a dubbing brush. Craft fur is spun in a dubbing loop, picked out, and palmered on. - Thomas
  2. Some meat ... articulated and ready to swim. All the best, Thomas
  3. Rainbow Trout streamer tied on a 4/0 Gama hook. All the best, Thomas
  4. Exactly. Trying to bring back classic techniques and use them in new, different ways. - Thomas
  5. What the fish sees, right before she takes it. All the best, Thomas
  6. Updated Version 2.0 I don't know if ya'll remember the original pattern but the concept was to create a simple, DURABLE baitfish pattern that could be fished in FRESH and SALT water for any species of fish. Some problems with the first draft ... 1. Getting the hook to invert on a consistent basis. Even with the lead weight on the top of the hook shank the fly would sometimes refuse to flip. 2. Covering the underbody was a hassle. So, the new version is built a bit different. First, I decided to try out the tungsten scud bodies. This was a quick, simple way to get the fly to turn over and ride hook point up. However, before I superglued the body I tied in the tail. The tail can be whatever you want, in this case white saddle hackles. After the tail was tied in I covered the body in brushable superglue. Before the glue dries I sprinkled glitter over the underbody. This creates a sparkly underbody that shines through the finished fly. This also allows the ability to add red for a bleeding underbody or any other color you want. Next the eyes went on. Finally fill in the gaps between the eyes with Clear Cure Goo. The fly might not look much different but the techniques make it much quicker to tie. Also, I am very confident in the ability of the fly to ride hook up. Here it is ... All the best, Thomas
  7. It's what I use. The fibers aren't very long but if you clip them at the "hide" they are long enough for flies like this in the 2 - 3" range.
  8. Ask and you shall receive ... Lots of questions about these style flies so here it is. This is by NO means the only way to do it ... but it's how I do it. Start with a Gama Finesse Wide Gap hook. (My new favorite hook). Run your thread (white) down the shank until you're in line with the barb. Cut a clump of craft fur. Attach it to the hook shank. Use some superglue if the hair starts to turn on the shank. You'll have a step here. It's not a big deal because you'll be covering it up. I like to taper it some with the thread. Bring the thread back to the front of the hook and create a dubbing loop. Bring your thread back up front and throw in a half hitch. Wax it up. Cut a clump of craft fur and slide it to the top of the loop. Again. One more gin. That should do it. Now spin. Wrap your "fur hackle" up the hook shank making sure to pull the fibers back as you wrap. When you get near the eye, cross your thread and tie off. Pull the fibers back and create a small thread head. Whip finish. Messy Right? Trim it up. Start with a clean cut underneath and then work off that. Should look like this. Now color it up. I use Copic markers. (Fire Tiger for Streamer) Ready for eyes. Use the Goop. Done. Any color you want. Options are limitless. Coldwater Warmwater Saltwater All the best, Thomas
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