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  1. Ya'll ain't kidding about the heat. I get out at 0500 in the A.M. and within 5 minutes my head starts to sweat badly. The back has actually done really well. I can't do stuff like I used to but if I take it slow and don't over do it then it's all good. Going to take a bit of a break this weekend and fish the pond with dragons and hoppers. Going to try to get enough bass for a fish fry to feed everyone that has helped us get settled in. :headbang:
  2. Been awhile since I have posted anything here. Been busy with the new house, moving and all that goes with it. Finally about to get to where I can see some daylight. All I like now is getting the phone lines run, the anetenna hooked up, the decks built, the old house torn down, the shop re-modeled and landscaping done. Sounds like alot but I can take some time to do all of this and don't have to rush to get it done.
  3. Nope, no pics. The last time I worked the facility housed the worst of the worst. These were inmates that were anywhere from 14 to 21 years of age and at that age most of them have no consideration for life. Fights were a daily event. I started working shortly after it opened up and at first it was riot after riot. We got that knocked out. The inmate on officer and inmate on inmate assualts never stopped. I was shanked 6 times by two inmates at once. The punks wanted to be moved from our facility to a maximum security unit. At the end of the ride they got their wish but it was a long road to recovery. Alot of them were good people. In fact there are alot of them that I liked. Yep, and the pool helps alot with the back. I have been in the water alot lately and it plus walking has helped me more than anything else. If I was you I would try to get a permit to grow them. Not sure how much it is, but surely it would be worth it. Take Care, Ronnie Ladd
  4. That's pretty wild! I always thought that the worms were farmed instead of gathered like that. Good luck with the new job. I am sure it will work out great. Right now I am retired against my will due to a bad back. Hopefully that will change soon. I work in Corrections and other areas of Law Enforcement. No pics are available.
  5. If I remember correctly I got a desk lamp w/ magnifying glass fom Lowes for $10.00. I then bought the daylight bulbs that go in it for couple of dollars.
  6. I have been using some Pheasant Tail Nymphs that have brown soft hackle on them and I want to make some more since they have been killer on the bream here lately. The only thing is I don't have any soft hackle and really and truely don't know what I could use either. Anyone have any suggestions on soft hackles for Pheasant Tails? The only kind of hackle I have is wooly bugger hackle and hackle for dries. :dunno:
  7. That's sweet! :headbang: I want to start tying up some 28's and get the hang of tying small stuff.
  8. Might try using just Purple Chenille tied on a hook for Mulberries. White CDC on a hook for Cottonwood seeds.
  9. Either a Palomar knot or an Overhand with a stopper knot.
  10. Sniksoh, I have been too lazy to look for my digital camera software so I can load it in the computer to where I can take and post pics. Here's some pics on Google Image Search: Deer Hair Ants Really is a simple tie.
  11. This morning I was looking at the new Fly Fisherman magazine when I came across the article on ants and ant patterns. I have been looking for a really simple ant pattern and the Deer Hair Ant caught my attention. It looked like a pretty simple tie so I went to the bench. I didn't sort through my material to find any black or cinnamon deer hair so I just went with natural just to learn the pattern. I tied in the deer hair and then wrapped it to the bend. I then folded the hair back over towards the front and made the segments. When I folded the excess back towards the rear and tied this down it made a nice long wing....... kinda like that of an Elk Hair Caddis. Now I have been searching for a very simple Caddis pattern for awhile and just haven't come up with one until I saw what I had before me. I placed the excess hair between my fingers and trimmed it out past the hook bend. Now I had a really simple Caddis fly that looks like it will fish well. The body could be colored to taste and you could also add hackle if you wish. I find i great that this pattern could either be turned into an ant or a Caddis Fly with very little variation. I can also see where you could also make a bettle out of the deer hair using almost the same method. With tying there are no limits in what you can do. :headbang:
  12. Never heard of that brand before, but that doesn't mean it's not a good combo. As with anything you will get all kind of replies on what folks think you should buy. Get the best that you can afford. Fly fishing and fly tying is expensive if you let it get that way. For $100.00 I have gotten alot of folks started with a Sientific Angler combo w/ lines and the basic essentials. I still fish with the SA combo and will for a long time and I think it's as good of a rod as any of the big name brands.
  13. Cave Cricket. Have no clue about the butt thing.
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