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  1. I guess you have never shipped UPS or FedEx or other "commercial" shipping company. Duties for under 100$ is 20$ plus taxes. If you order 100.01$ then it jumps to 30$. If there are more then 4 items in the package, then a additional 4.50$ per item is charged. PLUS HST/GST charges on the value of the goods. I'll take the week to clear Canada Post/USPS and Canada Customs with a 5$ plus HST/GST on the goods any day. Jim
  2. We all only live once, flies that take little time to make and catch fish on the river are what is important. Every once and a while making a more complicated fly out of Fly Tyer magazine is fun too but not the principle reason to tye. My best preforming salmon fly when done in batches of 20, take less then a Simpsons episode to tye. Jim
  3. Only 3 days, they'll probably back to work by Monday due to Government legislation anyways. Jim
  4. I just use what ever cement I find at Canadian Tire, or another hardware store in a size of 12ml/.4 fl oz toothpaste like tube. Cause the jar's kept drying out on me. Jim
  5. I was originally going to do that, but then decided against it, as I really had no plans to move it around. Jim
  6. I'll start ... Originally made this as a desk organizer on a sunny Saturday afternoon, however need more room for fly tying materials, and this was half empty so I moved everything from the drawers to the old fly tying plano case I was using, and I moved all the fly tying gear into it. Forgot to put in the one drawer (holds paints and epoxies now) in before the picture woops! Before anyone asks, the table top area the vice is connected to can go out another 6" without losing its balance so it makes a good work surface. Jim
  7. That actually makes a lot of sense. Jim
  8. Well experimentation over the years has landed plenty of salmon using these types of flies. The links contain pictures to my website showing how I tie them, kinda like a guide for new fly tiers. Since when I started tying I was copying commercial flies and I had no books or did not look online, so step by step might help someone. Wooly Bugger with a twist: http://www.northerndtool.com/fishing/fly-t...ck-wooly-bugger GR/YL Streamer .... I also do this same pattern in Blue and Yellow as well. http://www.northerndtool.com/fishing/fly-t.../gr-yl-streamer Messy Streamer http://www.northerndtool.com/fishing/fly-t.../messy-streamer Jim
  9. My fly box, after realizing I must have thrown out my fly box when I threw out my old vest when it ripped last fall. I decided to start making all new stuff. Just in this last week of tying really. I should be back to normal by spring. Save for the Muddlers Minnows, I made them all. I just can't for the life of me get a muddler to look nice. Jim
  10. Wait, there are two problems with that question. One, your assuming they use them to actually fish. Many of these flies seem like they are going to be in the fly box for the rest of time to show off they look too go to be usable flies, and problem number Two, well is obvious, if they are not used for trout, how can they be used for bass? Jim
  11. My fly vice is a 17.94$ imported vice of unknown branding. Its served me well, and eventually I'll upgrade but first I must upgrade my rod and reel. Jim
  12. Thanks for the information. Well I have not used it and my wooly buggers don't look too bad cause of it. Jim
  13. Interesting. Thanks for the quick reply. Jim
  14. Since I never learned to tye flies from someone who made them. Nor have I really read a book about it. I got to ask, that little spring that comes with fly vices what are they for? I feel very embarrassed for asking this considering I have been fly tying for over 4 years and I still don't know what to use it for. Jim
  15. I give about half the flys I tye away. To my brother, to my fishing buddies, and to people at the river when I am fly fishing and they ask about it. Fly materials are relatively cheap, the labor is even cheaper then Chinese sweatshop rates. Giving a few away and then finding out the next time you see them that they worked and they caught a fish is what matters. Jim
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