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  1. counting the days till the pinks and chinooks are allll mine!!

  2. Atlantics on the BBQ!!!

    1. FlyFishin'Jam


      Hell YES! Seen quite a few large steelbows flanking this Chinook run down here, i didn't expect them so early.

    2. FlyFishin'Jam


      Druce u crazy man, you doing that ice fishing thing lately? Brrr freezin'

  3. 24 1/4 inch walleye my friend one awsome catch!

  4. hope your holiday is treating you well, sweet post dude.


  5. Hey man just wanted to let you know im up in the cold white north catching atlantic salmon!! whoohooo

  6. Hey mike, hope your holidays went well, been ice fishing lakers and brookies up here on some backwoods lakes. Everything good with you?

  7. is it 3000000000 degrees in toronto too?

  8. any plans for a trip in the spring?

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