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  1. I wish my hair was spun that well
  2. The two foam head divers are ideas I had for muskies, both are articulated and about 10' long. not really the colors I would use for muskies, and the shape of the heads aren't what I would like but just throwing them on here to get some opinions.. The smaller divers are for largemouth mainly, I just needed the practice with stacking and spinning.. As for the streamers at the end, I tied them just cause I fish a lot of pike.. Its getting closer to open water season, I mean today is 14degrees, I know a heat spell.. leave your commends or critisims.. Enjoy..
  3. Truely, well packed flies.. any secrets?
  4. Just the last few weeks i have found a few in my fly room also, i heard soaking them with water at your local lake is the be to remedy this problem... Very nice, and effective here in MN, i've switched from my "normal" pike arsenol to these bugs, they seem to love them.. thanks for sharing, here in MN.
  5. Whipped out a few bass poppers. Top two are cork, and the rest are foam, layered and from block.. Hope you enjoy..
  6. First time working with deer hair at this scale, I think I like it..
  7. Nice ties.. Im in the west metro near Waconia, ive also been working on some deer hair big ties for pike musky..
  8. The musky here in Minnesota wouldnt hesitate at all in tearing that up..
  9. Okay, so I work at a wine bar and have endless amounts of cork.. Ive been making poppers for years and stopped using cork due to the fact of all the holes in the cork.. My question is what does everyone use to fill them? Ive been coating the with epoxy then sanding them smooth, it just seems like over kill due to the finish being a alcohol/epoxy fininsh also?
  10. I agree with SCO, I use the "dt" saltwater series and love them.. BUT I do have to file them to a pin point, cant go wrong with the value..
  11. Im not sure what there actual name is, but Ive tied these for years and have even given a bunch away.. These are my go to fly for crappies on any body of water here in MN.. I just adjust the size of bead chain to how there feeding and depth there at.. And adjust the size for lgmouth.. Great tie
  12. I live in mn, and i think everyone needs to have a healthy supply of craft fur. Its versitile and supple..
  13. I never miss the one in blaine mn... Ill be there..
  14. I live in central MN and musky fishing has become huge, and in some cases an issue if your a float tuber like myself.. I tie some big pike flies and have yet to come in contact with a musky (even though I see them all the time kicking around). I think youve got yourself an arsenal of flies that would be perfect for a "chance" meeting.. Keep up the nice work..
  15. Nice tie, pike in MN here would tear that perch up.
  16. I've been in a slump with patterns ans being uncreative, especially since here in MN everything is frozen solid, this pattern is just what i needed.. Good tie, thanks
  17. your flies become "scented" then..
  18. Just a friendly reminder to pick-up left over Halloween wigs for streamer material, and dont forget to buy lots of tinsel also for Christmas along with that Santa beard that looks alot like xtra long craft fur.. And gather those turkey feathers from your fall turkey hunt.. Happy tie-ings to everyone..
  19. Going to chase muskies here in central MN this weekend, here is two I hope that will allow one to chase me in my float tube..
  20. So i've been tying pike flies and various streamers and have noticed when i use super glue to form heads and placing eyes i have felt heat.. Anyone else ever notice with certain materials or light that the glue steams and gets hot to the touch? I'm posting on here since us warmwater tyers glue alot of eyes on, and i recently have noticed when pressing on stick-on eyes, it gets so hot to the touch.. Anyone have any insight or same experiences? I know theres alot of other glues and i still have a few, super glue is just cheaper..
  21. Those are great ties, i'm going though a perch/green phase, so those green ones are great.. But I started to tie pike flies a couple of months ago after seeing your videos on YouTube, and studing your flies on your page.. Big fan of your work here in MN
  22. The kids were busy playing so I whipped out a couple of green pike streamers since here in MN the pike are starving for green.. Critiques are welcome, enjoy...
  23. Not sure how they fly yet.. hope there as fun as they were tying..
  24. I recently gave making a dubbing brush a try using craft fur and marabou.. They need a bit of work but i have enjoyed it enough to place an ord er for more material.
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